Top-rated Tourist Attractions in the State of Alabama, USA

The state of Alabama is one of the most important states in America, hosting some of the most important historical monuments and museums, which showcase the entire deep history of the country. In all these historical exhibits located in the state, one can enjoy all its cities’ tourist attractions and activities.

Top tourist attractions in Alabama

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The state of Alabama is waiting for you to discover it, and we are contributing to this effort by presenting you with its top tourist attractions:

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the Civil Rights Historic District

The Civil Rights Movement, which took place in the 1960s on issues related to the problems of African American citizens, is one of the most historical movements to take place. By visiting the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, you will get a comprehensive picture of this movement, observing and studying hundreds of exhibits from the past that will inform you about the enormous conflicts that took place at that time.

The entire area of ​​Birmingham’s Civil Rights District covers a total area of ​​six square meters, which includes other attractions and attractions to admire, such as Kelly Ingram Park and the Carver Theater.

Tourist attractions in Alabama

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Gulf State Park

Traveling to the white and sandy beaches of Gulf State Park, you will be delighted, whether you are just a visitor or a camper. The rich natural beauty of this place offers you the opportunity to tour its areas, observe the fauna of the area, and do various outdoor activities, always under the supervision of a ranger or naturalist.

The enviable facilities of the place include volleyball and tennis courts and bike and kayak rentals for the more adventurous types. All this and more is waiting for you in Gulf State Park, with a relatively low entrance fee. Also, speaking of campers, the area has an exceptional location for all those families who will be camping and the choice of hotel, specifically with the Hilton Hotel.

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Mobile Bay

This picturesque area on the state coastline is something extraordinary. An area that combines important leisure options but at the same time historic areas, attracting visitors throughout the year and locals in the surrounding areas. In the Bay Area, you can visit Dauphin Island, which includes Fort Gaines, a site that has played a significant role in the Battle of Mobile Bay in the past.

On the island lake, one can swim or admire the Audubon bird species. Heading to the east coast, you will also find the town of Fairhope, where it is also a reasonably popular tourist destination. Also, in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, you will discover fantastic leisure and activity options, especially for the whole family, something that attracts thousands of travelers every year.

University of Alabama

The vast campus of the University of Alabama contains an art gallery, two museums, the home of Gorga (the University’s first president), and 50 acres of trees. During the Civil War, a part of the University was destroyed by arson. Still, it was restored and reached the form we know today, including exhibits from the Museum of Natural History, which date back to the Ice Age and dinosaurs. It is an amazing place that pays homage to knowledge itself and history, with outstanding collections of exhibits and objects.

So you do not need to be a student of this University to visit its wondrous places. Visit the University of Tuscaloosa in your own vehicle. If you do not own a car, you can turn to the choice of a rental car from the company Enjoy Travel, which houses a store in the area, allowing you to move safely and efficiently in  ​​Tuscaloosa.

Overall, it is a state that combines all those principles, such as history, art, and culture, to turn it into a reasonably developed region. Explore Alabama through its beautiful natural attractions, sandy beaches, and lush parks to experience beautiful moments with your family.

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