Excursions to the snow-capped slopes of Europe and its impressive slopes are a first-class opportunity and occasion for a mini trip. And some top destinations in Europe may not be exactly what we would call “economical”, but Europe is full of excellent and economic alternatives.

Cheap skiing resorts in Europe
Photo: Valgrande-Pajares

Discover your next favorite destinations while saving a considerable amount of money on your overall budget. So let’s find out the opportunities and resorts of cheap skiing in Europe:

Bansko, Bulgaria

Probably the first ski resort that comes to mind when we talk about low-budget skiing, Bansko has deservedly won its title.

In addition to its low prices, it is also famous for its 70 km of slopes (which include, among others, slalom slopes, giant slalom, and cross-country skiing with a total length of 5 km) and for the… huge season (between December 15 to May 15) which owes to the artificial snow machines that keep the snow fluffy even when the sun is shining.

On its strong papers, note the lifts that take you directly from the city to its two peaks (Chalin Valog, 1100-1600 meters, and Shiligarnika, 1700-2500 meters) in just 25 minutes, and the famous night route, 7 km long that starts from the top of Banderishka Polyana and ends in the city of Bansko.

The city of Bansko acrobats between its rich cultural heritage, reflected in the historic center with its cobbled streets, and the tourist development of recent years. The latter gave her a larger number of beds than the residents, offering endless options après ski, for all your preferences. From museums and traditional dance nights to international gastronomy and spa, here you will find everything.

Cheap skiing in Europe
Photo courtesy: skijalistasrbije.rs

Kopaonik, Serbia

Kopaonik is a wonderful green National Park, a well-organized ski resort, and many wonderful routes around it. The ski resort of Kopaonik stretches for 44 km and is paved with fluffy snow, while its slopes are mainly beginner-level (green) and of moderate difficulty.

Its highest peak exceeds 2,000 meters, while the activities you will enjoy here include night skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. Also, note that excellent ski facilities include chalets, hotels, and shelters. The season lasts from the end of November until the end of March – sometimes until the beginning of April.

Cheap ski resorts Europe
Photo courtesy: Skiresort.info

Asturias, Spain

Asturias is the Principality of northern Spain in which its inhabitants refer to it as “authentic Spain” (the rest is “terra conquistada”, meaning “conquered land”). Its two ski resorts, Valgrande-Pajares y Fuentes de Invierno are among the few – if not the only – options for low-budget skiing in Western Europe.

Valgrande-Pajares is the largest and best-organized of the two ski resorts. With a history of more than half a century and an altitude of up to 1,890 meters, it has a total of thirty-six slopes of various degrees of difficulty, as well as seven kilometers of cross-country skiing. Thirteen lifts, one of the most famous ski schools in the country, and the possibility for snowboarding and night skiing, from 19.00 to 22.00 on weekends and holidays complete its χαρακτηριστικά technical characteristics.

When you satisfy yourself playing with the snow, you will take the downhill road to Oviedo, the capital of Asturias, with its beautiful historic center, rich architectural and cultural heritage, and fine cuisine. You will also take a walk through the picturesque, seaside Gijon to try traditional specialties and strong cider before heading to the mountains again.

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The article ‘Cheap Skiing in Europe: Which Resorts to Visit’ was written by Katy Nikolaou.