Tagaytay is a hotbed of tourist spots that attract locals and foreigners. It’s literally one of the perfect places for anyone who wants to take a vacation. From the adrenaline-thirsty, art enthusiasts, relaxation seekers, foodies, and families who want some bonding time, there is something for everyone.

On the elevated location that provides the cool breeze that the entire city feels, Tagaytay welcomes offers tons of fun and lifestyle-improving activities for people of all ages. There are popular ones like ziplining and trekking, but there are also activities and places that are not as popular but deserve to be talked about.

And for some people, those vacation ventures are worth exploring and engaging themselves in. Experience the best of the less experienced. Here are the top underrated things to do in Tagaytay.

Buy flowers in Tagaytay

Tagaytay City Flower Market and The Mahogany Market are a catch-basin of some of the freshest and most gorgeous flowers you will ever see. Several stalls around both places sell at an affordable price.

They also offer a wide and interesting selection. Unless you got an allergy to flowers, then flower shopping in Tagaytay can be good therapy and a happy hormone-inducing trip for you and your companions.

Enjoy the amazing view at People’s Park in the Sky

Yes, you can argue that urbanization made some parts of Tagaytay a little less cold, but it also allowed businesses to thrive which meant more employment opportunities and beautiful masterpieces that complement the area and its nearby surroundings.

At the top of the People’s Park in the Sky, you can see the breathtaking and Instagram-worthy views of the city, with Tagaytay condominiums and other architecture.

Grab breakfast

If you have the money and time, how about you travel early and start your day at Tagaytay. A nice breakfast destination to go to is Breakfast at Antonio’s. It’s a two-in-one must-visit destination.

Go for the food and stay for the view. This resto uses high-quality deli meat and gourmet cheeses that are guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds and give you that jolt of energy you need to kickstart your day.

Visit a museum 

If you’re looking for a therapeutic way to spend your Tagaytay tours, why don’t you try visiting a museum? Calm your mind and be impressed inside the artsy places around Tagaytay that you can visit.

The Orlina Museum or the Glass Museum, Puzzle Mansion, and The Dreamland Arts & Cafe for starters. Not only do they feature masterpieces but they are also affordable.

Nurture your body in Tagaytay

Ever heard of “eco-therapy?” It aims to improve physical and mental wellbeing by doing various activities in nature. It is also known as green therapy or nature therapy. Tagaytay offers a unique way of relaxation to those who desire to experience something different.

Different health wellness activities are available here. This place can be called a sanctuary of revitalization that awaits your body. Underrated? Yes. Worth it? Most definitely. Travel to Tagaytay and check these places out for something that would most likely be a new experience for you.

Author’s Bio: Angelo Castelda is a known feature writer and contributor for a news magazine in Asia. One of his most featured articles talks about the beauty of the Philippines. On his free days, he loves to travel around the country and wishes to explore all 7,641 islands in all 81 provinces.

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