Sentosa is one of the 62 islets that make up Singapore along with the main island Pulau Ujong also known as Mainland Singapore. Over 1,500 people call Sentosa home, but millions of people visit each year to go to the Universal Studios, check out the beaches, or take a wild trip through the Trickeye Museum.

Trick Eye Museum Singapore
Photo credit: Trick Eye Museum

The mainland fast-paced environment makes Sentosa the perfect place to relax and have all of your worries covered, from transport to sightseeing.

Whether you decide to fly, travel by boat or roam the streets, Sentosa is one of the must-see islands featuring delicious foods from all over the world, a center for international business, trade, technology, and the vacation of a lifetime.

Getting Around Sentosa

There are several ways to explore Sentosa and find all the interesting spots. The bus and trolley travel all over the island, stopping at all the main attractions and some of the most delicious restaurants in the area.

You also have the option of renting a car, but it’s important to ensure you drive safely as you take on the local traffic at rush-hour. You’ll need to be at least 23 years old, with more than a year’s driving experience and full insurance before you can rent a car in Singapore.

Wings of Time Singapore
Photo of Wings of Time from Julien C on TripAdvisor

Before you book your flight do a little research on how the locals get around and what type of car would best accommodate you if you are traveling with family or by yourself.

If you want to see the island and learn more about the history of Singapore, then taking a guided tour can provide you with all the delicious foods and beautiful sights you will need. You can take a street or bus tour of your choice while finding new places to explore and amazing people to meet in the streets of a thriving island.

Take in the Sights

While Sentosa is not the main island, it has plenty of places to keep you entertained. If you have an interest in art and optical illusions then try exploring the Trick Eye Museum. They take pride in their 4-dimensional illusions that question the human mind and sight.

You can swing by the golf course or try exploring Universal Studios if you want a bit of magic in your day. Spend part of the day exploring the street markets and the night looking at the sky. The Wings of Time offer a wide variety of 3D light shows after dark. Take in the night air and watch the sky light up with a story full of wonder and mystery.

Universal studios Singapore
Photo of Universal Studios from Spoonos65 on TripAdvisor

Take the Scenic Route

Traveling to Singapore does not have to end with Sentosa, there are 61 other islands that you can explore. Take a trip off the beaten path and explore the Pulau Ubin Island if you are looking for a great camping experience.

Singapore is a beautiful collection of islands with a rich history and culture that goes hand in hand with its global community full of entrepreneurs, entertainers, and world leaders all working towards a brighter future.

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