How to find the best Bangladesh tour package? Sometimes finding a tour package online is difficult for a tourist. There are so many options to book a tour on the internet. This is also true for potential Bangladesh travelers who are confused about which tour to select. To solve this problem, I am going to provide you with the selected list of Bangladesh tour packages.

Dhaka tour package
Dhaka tour by Modhu Tours

Tourist destinations in Bangladesh

The tourist destinations in Bangladesh are divided into several parts. Day tours and multi-day tours are available to book. North Bengal and South Bengal tourist spots in Bangladesh are good for booking more than two-day tours.

Tourist places in the greater Sylhet area are also suitable for a day tour or multi-day tour like 2+ days. For the greater Chattogram zone, it is also the same for the tourists to book the tour packages. If you have 5 days or more in hand to make a tour, go for Bangladesh highlights tour package.

North Bengal is good for cultural tours, historical tours, and multi-day tours. South Bengal is good for historical, cultural, nature, and wildlife tours. Sylhet and Chattogram are famous for nature and wildlife tours, beach and mountain experiences, and indigenous cultural tours. These places are the perfect choice for outdoor adventure in Bangladesh.

So you can select any tour package depending on your time, budget, and destination choice in Bangladesh.

Trip to Sonargaon
Sonargaon tour

Tour Packages in Dhaka and surroundings

Dhaka is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh and is a major cultural, political, and economic center in the country. The city has a rich history and culture and is home to many important historical and cultural sites, as well as modern buildings and landmarks. Dhaka is known for its vibrant street life, with a wide variety of shops, markets, and street vendors selling everything from traditional handicrafts to modern electronics.

Old Dhaka is the historic heart of the city and is known for its narrow streets and colorful markets. Visitors can explore the traditional architecture and learn about the city’s history and culture by walking through the streets and visiting the various temples, mosques, and museums. The city is also famous for its delicious street food, and visitors can find a wide variety of local dishes to try.

If you have a lack of time like one or two days, visit Dhaka and the surroundings of the capital city. It is suitable for making city tours, sightseeing tours, cultural tours, food and walking tours, photography tours, and day trips. Adding the medieval capital Sonargaon tour in line with the Dhaka tour is a great combination for traveling in Bangladesh.

Here are my recommended tour packages in Dhaka:

1. Dhaka City Sightseeing Tour

2. Photography Tour in Dhaka

3. Dhaka Food and Walking Tour

4. Sonargaon Tours near Dhaka city

Sonargaon is one of the must-see tourist places in Bangladesh. Sonargaon is a historical city in Bangladesh, located in the Narayanganj district, near the capital city of Dhaka. It was once the capital of the Bengal region during the 14th century and was an important center for trade and commerce.

The city is home to many historical monuments, including the Panam City, a group of ancient buildings that were once used for trading, and the Sonargaon Folk Art and Crafts Museum, which displays traditional crafts and artifacts from the region. Today, Sonargaon is a popular tourist destination in Bangladesh, known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance.

Here is my selected 3 tour package list:

Bangladesh tour package Sundarbans
Spotted deer in Sundarban

South Bengal Tour Packages

The South Bengal tourist region is located in the southern zone of the Padma river and the western zone of the Meghna river in Bangladesh. Travelers who like to experience nature, wildlife, culture, and history can visit South Bengal.

Two UNESCO World Heritage sites are located here. One is the biggest mangrove forest the Sundarbans and the other is the historical Sixty Dome Mosque from the medieval period. Other popular destinations include Kuakata, a seaside town known for its panoramic sea views, and Kushtia- a cultural and spiritual tourist place in Bangladesh.

The tourists can choose any of the tour packages to book:

North Bengal Tour Packages

The northwestern part of Bangladesh is recognized as North Bengal. Art, culture, history, and heritage lovers can visit North Bengal. There are some splendid tourist attractions including one UNESCO World Heritage site located in this area.

I have enlisted 3 tour packages to book in the North Bengal tourist zone:

Greater Sylhet tour package

Sylhet is located in the northeastern part of Bangladesh. This tourist place is connected by rail, road, and air directly from Dhaka. Tourists who love hiking, nature, wildlife, and adventure can book Sylhet tour packages.

Here are my 4 top choices of tour packages in the Sylhet zone:

Sundarbans Tiger
Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarbans

Greater Chattogram tour package

Beach, mountain, and tribal life are the key attractions of the Chattogram tourist zone. Cox’s Bazar beach, the world’s longest unbroken sea beach is located here. Saint Martin, the only coral island in Bangladesh is also here. Most indigenous people live in Chattogram hill tracts. So, you have several options to experience in the Chattogram region.

Among these, I have selected 4 tour packages for travelers. These are:

Highlights of Bangladesh tour package

There are some foreign tourists who want to explore the whole of Bangladesh. To do this, tourists need to book comparatively longer tour packages. It helps them to obtain in-depth knowledge and experience of people, nature, and livelihood in Bangladesh.

Here is my selected 3 Bangladesh tour package list:

Explore otter fishing
Otter fishing

Some exceptional Bangladesh tour package

There are some tour packages that are different from the normal tour activities in Bangladesh. These tours are exceptional and enriched with unique characteristics. Some of the tour operators offer these tours for foreign tourists.

Here is the list of 5 tour packages for my readers:

Potential tourists can book any tour package mentioned above on Viator or TripAdvisor. There are many tour packages that are also available on websites like GetYourGuide, Expedia, Marriott, LaVacanzaTravel, Travelocity, Trip, Bookafly, and ORBITZ. It is better to book on Viator since it is the base website for product showcasing.

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