All across the world, you may find a wide variety of low-priced holiday spots. It’s also not too difficult to locate them in modern times. You can find countless places to visit without breaking the bank, regardless of which continent you’re on or what kinds of activities you enjoy. As long as you plan, are creative, and are flexible, there is no such thing as a “too expensive” vacation; you just might not be able to afford to live large while you’re there. Luckily, several locations make budget travel easy, pleasurable, and secure. Here are 7 affordable places to travel on a budget.

Camera, notes, and a bag over a map.


In 2022, Mexico will, as usual, be the country with the lowest average per-person spending of any tourist destination. Direct flights from the United States to the country are frequent and very cheap, so it has long been considered a popular vacation destination for many Americans.

January is the most cost-effective time in Mexico to fly to San José del Cabo (in Baja California Sur), Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun. Luckily, these coastal towns are wonderful in January, with mild temperatures and an abundance of vibrant colors, textures, and flavors that will help you forget the dreariness of the season.

You want to avoid the beach and instead take a city holiday. For a similar price, you may visit Mexico City, a city with a rich Aztec history and several museums. The cheapest time to fly there is in May.

Mayan ruin, a great affordable place to travel on a budget.
Mexico is a place of many Mayan ruins and one of the most affordable places to travel on a budget.


Tourists flock to Thailand for a good reason: the country is filled with stunning landscapes and islands, a thriving culture, an abundance of beach huts, delicious cuisine, and a wide variety of unforgettable experiences while also being one of the most affordable places to travel on a budget. Even on America’s busiest highways, finding yourself alone in the wilderness is surprisingly easy.

You can travel across Thailand for $25–35 USD per day owing to the abundance of free and inexpensive sights, budget guesthouses, and budget street food (which can be obtained for as little as $1!). The tourist trail in Thailand dates back decades. You may spend $60 daily staying on the islands and in high-end lodgings. Even at these prices, Thailand is still one of the world’s cheapest tourist destinations.

Central America

Are you looking for a place with few people where you can view historic ruins, explore the wilderness, go surfing, and enjoy incredible cuisine? Travel to El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala to see the real Central America. Budget hotels cost less than $30 per night, with meals costing approximately $5, bus tickets costing $2, and drinks going for as little as $1.

Compared to other Central American countries, Belize, Panama, and Costa Rica have high prices (yet they are still relatively affordable). Traveling through these countries as a backpacker, you may get by on $40–$50 per day or spend $100 per day and live like a king. Your dollar will indeed go far in this part of the world. And because there aren’t that many nations to choose from, it’s easy to go from one to the next and see a lot without becoming broke.

The Balkans

The Balkans in southeastern Europe are the continent’s cheapest region. It’s out of the way, but the value you get for your dollar is unbeatable. It comprises a few countries, most of which get little foreign tourism. Although tourist numbers have increased in places like Dubrovnik (thanks to cruise ship dockings), most of the region is still fabulous for exploratory vacations. There is inexpensive wine, great hiking and animal viewing, stunning beaches, hearty meals, and a lively nightlife scene. You might even want to move there. And there are affordable ways to move internationally, so don’t forget that you can do this cheaply and stress-free.

The Balkans are the biggest secret in Europe. Compared to the cost of living in Western Europe, you may get by on as little as $30 daily. A week’s food and drink supply may be purchased for as little as $25, while a beer would set you back about $2.

Aerial view of a Balkan village, one of the affordable places to travel on a budget.
Balkan means “mountains” in Turkish.


With all of Egypt’s great monuments, you may expect a trip there to cost a small fortune. Costs might add up if you take in all the major landmarks like the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, and Abu Simbel, but you can still live like a king on a modest budget thanks to the tasty and cheap local fare. Before going on a trip, you should always check the most up-to-date travel advice since different governments may tell you not to go to other parts of the country because of safety concerns.

Pyramids in Egypt.
Egypt has more than 100 pyramids.


Poland is one of the most affordable places to travel on a budget. World War Two destroyed Poland’s economy, capping off a long and troubled history. The country has come a long way and is now a thriving, prosperous place to live.

With its rich cultural history, Krakow is a must-see, and areas like Biaowiea National Park are teeming with wildlife and natural beauty. Zakopane is a great place to go skiing or hiking on a budget.

Poland is surprisingly cheap as a vacation destination. A beer at this lovely tavern will cost you less than four dollars. Traveling throughout the country on modern buses is straightforward and safe, and lodging and transportation are affordable.


Similarly to Thailand, Laos is a low-cost Southeast Asian option. With its gleaming Buddhist temples, lush woodlands, and waterfalls, the country is ideal for history buffs and nature lovers.

Several examples of magnificent architecture around the country include monuments, palaces, temples, museums, and shrines. The Kuang Si Waterfall, the Khone, and Pha Pheng Falls, the Tat Sae Falls, and many others are just a few of the numerous stunning waterfalls dotted over the region. The average entrance cost to Laos’s best-known artificial and natural attractions is about $2. Many visitors can get by on less than $30 per day, making it one of the most affordable places to travel on a budget.