Summers ahead, vacation mode on, Yeah! Holidays, fun, eating, visiting, enjoying, and driving. But wait for a minute. Did you say driving? The most delicate part of going for a vacation is driving.

Avoid distractions while driving
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When a person is in a Jolly mood, music is on, friend together, pleasant weather, then for sure the car’s pace is increased, in the dark and unknowingly. This ultimately results in an unpleasant, irritating incident, which can, God forbid, be lethal to one’s life.

First and for most for driving a car, license and CDL training is a critical factor. No one should be allowed to go before it. Training from a specialized institute is a core region for driving for a journey or an expedition. Only a licensed person must be allowed to drive a car, or it can be hazardous for a person’s life.

Focus or intention is something that causes lasting effects on anyone’s life. It can either be positive or negative. Focus on aims or ambitions leads towards success, while their elimination destroys the future of a person. Similarly, just a mere slip of focus will lead to the fatal valley of death on a driving seat.

How to avoid distractions while driving? Let’s look at some ways to detain our focus and avoid distraction on the way to the road.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking at rush points while driving or even at some hilly areas is a fatal decision. Ominous is it when we see someone enjoying their food while going; we fear an accident or a mishap on that journey. It’s seen that a focus is only referred to a single point. Divergence leads from the distraction of an issue.

We must avoid doing collective things while being in the driving seat.

How to stay focused while driving
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If you are hungry and want to eat something, stop the car, park nearby, and eat whatever you want or drink what you want to quench your thirst—but eating in while driving is way too dangerous for your journey. Remember, you are not alone. You have someone with you, whose responsibility depends on your mishap.

Our family, friends are also important in our life. Safe road trip is essential for all of us.

Mobile Phone

It’s a tragic truth to reveal that 80% and more people drive while using mobile phones and are ignorant of how dangerous it can be.

While looking at mobile, the front is eliminated from the view, and being ignorant if there comes a vehicle immediately and a person slips the break or becomes anxious about the happening might meet an accident. So to avoid all such mishaps, one must prevent mishandling.


Music is another factor that causes distraction. It’s normal to play music on any journey, especially on vacations. But only being in a numbed state of music is not a good omen for driving. Music is also a distracting element for a driving person.

You must pay attention to this matter of how to avoid distractions while driving so that you can stay focused.

Avoid distractions and stay focused while driving
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Being drowsy, sleepy, and tired while on an expedition causes significant outrage of mishaps, accidents, incidents, and misfortune.

A mere slip of sight, focus exalted, speed excelled and directed to the death dale. Especially when a person goes for a vacation on a hillside or a hill station, either it’s ascending or descending points, both can be dangerous for an exhausted person.

If you are tired and don’t want to drive, not excel, stop nearby at any service center and sleep. You have given your best; now it’s time to take a rest and energize yourself. Because sleep always causes distraction for driving on a journey.


There was written somewhere I saw that:

Speed is Knife, Don’t cut your lives because it’s precious.

Exceeded speed means loss of focus. And focus can never be detained once lessened or distracted. When going at high speed, a person unaware of coming vehicles from front or behind is driving meets an accident for sure.

It’s proposed to drive at as minimal speed as possible to avoid any alarming situation, except the exceptional points where speed is required, such as ascending topics at a hill station.

These are some main points which need to be addressed before going to any vacation points, to avoid any misfortune. These tips how to avoid distractions while driving will be helpful during your trip on road.

Author: Aliza Zulfiqar

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