Puerto Rico is typically considered one of the best locations to travel to enjoy the Caribbean. There is plenty to see here, as it’s beautiful and full of culture and life. However, as most people visit the island with friends or family, it usually goes under the radar for solo travelers. But Puerto Rico makes for an excellent location for solo travelers, too, although with a little more prep work.

As a matter of fact, a solo traveler can enjoy what the island has to offer more thoroughly. This is because solo trips allow you to take your time and enjoy everything at your own pace. So, in order to help you plan this trip, we’ve put together a solo traveler’s guide to Puerto Rico.

Aerial view of Puerto Rico coast

Solo traveling in Puerto Rico is safe, with a little bit of homework

Generally speaking, Puerto Rico is a safe location for solo travelers, with some basic precautions in mind. One of the main things to keep in mind is that Puerto Rican residents are very friendly. Additionally, most of the island’s residents know basic English at the least, but a language app or basic knowledge of Spanish is still useful. Being out at night is also generally safe. Just stay away from sketchy areas.

Finally, if you do run into trouble, remember that the emergency number is 911, just like in the mainland US. And if you’re looking for ways to save money during your trip, remember not to worry too much. Puerto Rico is generally conducive to most ways you could do that.

Aerial view of a city by the coast.
Puerto Rico is considered to be very safe.

Plan for accommodations based on the city you plan to visit

Next up on the solo traveler’s guide to Puerto Rico is remembering that accommodations can vary massively from city to city. This is both when it comes to accommodation options and prices. However, larger cities in Puerto Rico should generally have the most types of accommodations available. In towns like Ponce or San Juan, you should be able to find anything from resorts and hotels to relatively affordable Airbnb. All of these options are very good for solo travelers overall.

However, we should mention that smaller cities across Puerto Rico have unique accommodation options for those who want a different experience. For example, family-owned inns are a great choice if you want to experience the island differently. However, remember that staying healthy should be a priority regardless of where you choose to stay. This applies to any trip, not just Puerto Rico.

Getting around Puerto Rico is very easy for solo travelers

One crucial thing to mention in a guide to Puerto Rico is getting around the island. Thankfully, Puerto Rico has plenty of affordable options for getting around, especially for solo travelers. Rental cars are usually $10 – $14 per day, so renting a car for the entirety of your trip is completely viable. Taxis and shuttles are also an option, although their prices are more varied at $5 – $15 per trip.

Also, we should mention that taxis and shuttles are very safe here. If you’re interested in visiting the smaller islands around Puerto Rico, ferries are typically only $2 per trip. Flights are the quickest way to get around, but plane tickets are usually around $175, which can turn most travelers away. So, getting around Puerto Rico is both easy and affordable, which is a great bonus for any solo traveler planning their trip.

A close-up of a taxi.
Whatever method you choose, getting around Puerto Rico is easy and affordable.

Eating out in Puerto Rico is an amazing and varied experience

One thing to think about when visiting a new place is food, and Puerto Rico has plenty of fantastic food to offer. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when eating out in Puerto Rico. For example, food around high-traffic areas is generally more expensive, so if you want to save money, try eating in out-of-the-way restaurants. Also, street food is excellent and safe to eat, which makes it a perfect choice. Also, we can’t talk about food in Puerto Rico without mentioning the island’s local bakeries.

Besides the island’s beauty, the food is part of the reason why travelers choose to move there. And if you find yourself thinking about this too, remember that there are things to take care of first. You should be fully prepared before moving overseas, and there are quite a few things to do first.

Wherever you go, Puerto Rico is exceptionally picturesque

You’ll surely be amazed by the island’s beauty wherever you go in Puerto Rico. The beaches and nature around Puerto Rico are stunning, which makes it excellent for taking pictures. Even in cities, the local culture shines through and creates unique photo opportunities. This is why travel photography is so popular among travelers coming to Puerto Rico. And if you want to take many photos during your trip, consider planning it around the most beautiful places in Puerto Rico.

We recommend working with locals to ensure all the information is accurate and up to date. But, whatever you choose to do, we are sure that Puerto Rico’s beauty will win you over. So, ensure your camera is ready to take loads of pictures because we guarantee you’ll take a lot of them during your trip.

Umbrellas hanging on buildings.
Whether it’s nature or culture, there are many things to take pictures of in Puerto Rico.

A solo traveler’s guide to Puerto Rico – closing thoughts

Puerto Rico is an excellent location to visit for solo travelers. From the natural beauty to the local culture, the island is an excellent opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment, no matter how you look at it. Of course, a little bit of preparation is required to make sure everything goes smoothly, but we guarantee that you’ll enjoy your trip to Puerto Rico.

We hope that this solo traveler’s guide to Puerto Rico helps you, and we wish you a great rest of your day.

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