The swirling winds are whispering: “The winter is coming.” The good thing about our winter is that we’re not living beyond the walls of Westeros. That means – you get to travel and enjoy the cold icy days. Some of the best adventures happen on these winter trips. But, of course, you need to prepare well. Here are some essential things you should pack for winter traveling to enjoy these cold days.

People hiking in winter

Warm clothes are the vital things you should pack for winter traveling

No matter how old you are, the first thing every mom has to say when you’re going out in the cold is – to wear something warm. So, the first rule of winter traveling should honor that. The most unpleasant and dangerous thing that could happen if you don’t is – hypothermia. We won’t go too far and tell you that you could die from it (even though ”the white death” is real).

However, it can present a significant health issue and is not something you should take lightly. If you don’t bring enough clothes, you might spend a lot of money buying them in a foreign country. So, pack clothes according to the weather and outside temperature.

How to pack all of it?

Of course, we know that the biggest reason we know that you might hesitate to pack too many clothes is not that you don’t want to feel more. Packing winter clothes can be a significant bother. All those cozy things can take up too much space in your suitcase. Not to mention that they usually wrinkle and look awful when you take them out (not so travel-picture-friendly). Lucky for you, pro movers that spend a lot of time with suitcases and clothes have some advice. Putting plastic wrap between two pieces of clothes can be a sneaky trick to keep them neat and tidy and ready for all those beautiful winter traveling pictures.

Pack for winter traveling
Don’t forget many warm clothes when you pack for winter traveling.

The season of thermals

When you pack for winter traveling, thermals are one item you must bring along. They are far ahead of your average pair of jeans or dress shirt when it comes to keeping you warm. They are often used as an additional layer underneath outerwear in chilly climates.

However, you shouldn’t use thermal garments while engaging in strenuous activities like hiking since they retain heat rather than drain away perspiration.

A cap a day keeps the doctor away (so do scarves and beanies)

Don’t risk getting your head and neck nipped by the icy air. Pick one just right in terms of length, width, and depth. The key to a successful winter vacation attire is a good fit, right? Accessories like scarves and beanies may also help you look your best during winter. So, pick a cute scarf, pair it with a nice cap, and get ready to shoot the best travel photos in no time!

Cozy accouterments

Another article of apparel that, when worn, can brighten anyone’s day is a pair of brand-new socks. If you want your feet to remain warm no matter where you go, choose the coziest and most accommodating ones. The same applies to your hands – treat them gently. Please don’t abandon them to the biting cold and wind. As they are the most exposed, and the winter is ruthless, make sure to decrease the exposure with a warm pair of gloves. Also, don’t forget hand creams rich in glycerine. They can save your sensitive skin from breakage.  These should all be included in your winter vacation suitcase, at the very least.

Keep your feet warm and safe

Nothing beats a good pair of winter boots when the temperature drops to keep your feet toasty. Casual or hiking winter boots are a worthwhile investment among the items to bring for winter excursions. Therefore, considering the dangers of walking on snow and ice. It would be foolish to compromise on proper footwear.

A mother and daughter
A nice coat will keep you warm and help you look your best in pictures.

Great winter requires a great coat

When discussing what to pack for a winter holiday, it would be negligent not to consider coats. An additional barrier between you and the chilly air is always appreciated. So choosing the right jacket for you requires balancing three factors:

  • appearance
  • practicality
  • comfort

A good coat can make your trip more exciting and sophisticated. On the plus side, you can take excellent winter pictures with it. Only imagine how good the photos of you in Rothenburg in an elegant coat would be!

Don’t forget medical support

In all the excitement around travel, you might forget one crucial thing – your health. It’s not fun when you find yourself in the middle of a foreign country or place like Vik i Myrdal, suddenly sick but without proper medical support. Especially in winter, this can present a considerable problem. So, the wise thing to do is prepare for any medical emergencies that may arise while traveling.

For instance, treatments for the common cold and the flu may be lifesavers if you get such illnesses. The most necessary medications are crucial, especially when traveling with your little cub. It’s also wise to have on hand a basic medical kit in case of emergency. Remember to keep an eye on them and ensure you supply them adequately. Medications should be on every packing list, not just winter travel ones.

Final thoughts

The list of the essential things you should pack for winter traveling is not very long, but not short either. If you prefer lighter packing, winter is not a time for that. Of course, you don’t have to pack the whole house with you, but you mustn’t forget some things at home. So, follow this while packing and enjoy the magic of winter traveling without worrying you forgot something.

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