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India is a large and beautiful country with plenty of opportunities. Whether you want to explore it up and down and enjoy beautiful cities or try to help less privileged communities, you will feel welcome in India.

Volunteering with kids in India
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Volunteering is an excellent way to do something good for those who need your assistance, as well as acquire experience while learning about new cultures and traditions. Let’s take a look at the seven best ways to volunteer in India.

1. Volunteer at Orphanages

It is impossible to imagine how it feels to grow up on the streets while being forced to beg for food and look for a warm shelter every night. The sad truth is that India has millions of children that are left without parental guidance, which led them to seek shelter at orphanages.

A large number of orphanages is what is causing understaffing in these facilities, and they welcome anyone’s help. Your level of education is not important as long as you have the willingness and time to assist with the children.

Depending on your skills, tasks can be different. You can participate in educating them on various topics, as well as teach them about the importance of taking care of themselves. That primarily includes personal hygiene as many children in India are not aware of its importance.

But what is even more important than that, you should be ready to spend time and become friends with these children. A nice way to establish contact is to bring them gifts depending on your resources.

If you are in position, you can pack an entire roof basket of food, toys, and other gifts that children may use. The conditions they live in are not something to brag about, and even items you don’t need may improve their lives significantly.

Rescued elephant
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2. Help with the Rescued Elephants

You will find many places where rescued elephants live throughout India. If you are an animal lover, you may want to experience how it is to take care of these majestic creatures. It is not only about feeding and bathing these animals, although that will be your responsibility, too.

You will also spend time with the elephants and children living in local villages. It won’t be long until you all become friends, which will be a great opportunity to learn about the local way of life but also learning more about how elephants live in India. One thing is certain – you are in for a thrilling ride and memorable experience!

If you are worried about the accommodation, the people at the rescue park will find one nearby. Riding a bike may be the quickest way of coming to the site. However, make sure to equip it with motorcycle accessories that would increase its durability as the state of the roads in India might not be as you expect.

3. Women Empowerment

While India has progressed immensely in many areas, including technology, economy, and education, there is plenty of room to make things better. One of those areas is women’s empowerment.

Depending on the part of the country you are in, you may witness the cruelty of people towards women, as well as their lack of knowledge about the life that they deserve.

If you join these volunteering programs, you will be working with teenage and young adult women who are underprivileged and poor. It could use to read a thing or two before you become a part of the program.

But you will learn a lot while spending time with these women. It would be great if you can teach them handcraft, stitching, or other skills they could use to earn their livelihood.

4. Offer Healthcare Services

You’ve surely heard of Doctors without Borders, and they can surely help if you want to join their cause. There are alternative channels you can use if you want to get some medical experience while helping other people.

India is a great place for that as many cities and communities need knowledgeable doctors and professionals who can help to improve health awareness.

Healthcare volunteer in India
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5. Prepare for a Dental Care

Overall health awareness in India could be better, and that includes dental health too. In many parts of the country, dental hygiene is at a poor level, and that is where you can help. If you have the necessary qualifications and lack experience, this is a great volunteering opportunity for you.

The chances are you will only have limited resources available, but you will still get the necessary practice with basic and other dental procedures. Additionally, you will help spread the word about the importance of dental hygiene.

6. Volunteer Work with Disabled Children

We have to be honest and say this will be quite challenging for many volunteers out there. If you set your mind and heart on working with disabled children, we want to take a moment and acknowledge how noble you are. India is trying to improve the school education of children that have special needs.

Some suggestions we can make is to find centers for special education, skill development, or autism. Perhaps you are familiar with a particular disability, and it may be wise to focus on that.

Prepare yourself mentally as you will need both patience and strength to assist these kids. You will want to acknowledge their suffering and pain and try to make the world at least a bit better place for them.

Teach children as volunteering
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7. Teach Children English

Many Indian children are looking forward to learning English, but they do not have a teacher or resources. By volunteering, you allow them to learn this language, which can immensely help them in the future. This is one of the best ways to volunteer in India.

You do not have to limit yourself to English. If you have the necessary knowledge and qualifications, you can consider teaching math, geography, or any other subjects that can be useful to children.

The Bottom Line

As we mentioned, India is a fantastic country that has been developing quickly. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet various cultures and make new friends in this country. Think about the best way for your contribution, and start planning your trip!

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