Amazing things to do in Dubai: Dubai is an incredible place to explore at night because there is so much to see and do. You won’t know where to start on your adventure around the city.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai
Burj Khalifa on TripAdvisor

We’ve made it easier for you by compiling a list of 10 amazing things to do in Dubai at night.

Burj Khalifa

Standing as one of the most mesmerizing structures ever built, Burj Khalifa is wonderful to visit at night. It ranks high as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai and for good reason.

To make the most out of your trip, ride the fastest elevator with an incredible view all the way up to the 124th floor. You’ll be able to see all the lights through the panoramic views and witness the gorgeous Dubai skyline.

There is no doubt this will be one of the best places to experience Dubai at night in all its glory.

Dubai Fountains

Just as when you go to Las Vegas you have to watch the Fountains of Bellagio, you can’t miss the Dubai Fountains when you find yourself in Dubai at night. Located outside the Dubai Mall, the light and water show takes place every 30 minutes each evening.

Adults and children love to watch the spectacular display of dancing water and lights all set to perfectly chosen pieces of music from diverse types of genres. And the best part is that it’s totally free to watch!

Dubai Mall
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Dubai Mall Shopping

Next on the list of 10 amazing things to do in Dubai at night is to enter into the realm of shopping. The Dubai Mall is known for being the international shopping destination of the world and you will absolutely not be disappointed.

The selection of stores and luxury brands is extensive and you’ll be able to find anything that you’re looking for inside this massive mall. You can also walk around and explore the breathtaking architecture, enjoy the fountains, or pick a place to dine from one of their many restaurants and cafes.

Global Village in Dubai
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Global Village

To continue your shopping expedition, Global Village is one of the best places to visit at night and experience the culture that Dubai has to offer. You can find traditional handicrafts and several different international cuisines all in one place.

It truly is a village bringing together popular attractions and landmarks from around the world. Get ready to see the Taj Mahal and Big Ben all in this massive outdoor market.

Dubai Garden Glow

Bringing beauty and a powerful message together, Dubai Garden Glow is a magical garden filled with lights and installations that will leave you awe-struck.

As you walk through the park you’ll notice the various themes that are designed with an array of colors and lights that fill up the night sky. Visit the Ice Park, Dinosaur Park, Art Park, and many other sections that are sure to delight your kids and family.

Engineers, craftsmen, and architects came together to create the Dubai Garden Glow as the perfect spot to spend your evening surrounded by glowing flowers, delicious festival foods, and acrobatic performances.

Dubai Garden Glow emphasizes issues of global warming and carbon footprints in order to raise awareness and educate while offering a fun experience.

Dhow Cruise Dubai
Dhow Cruise photo on TripAdvisor

Dhow Dinner Cruise

The Dubai Creek is a lovely body of water to enjoy a night cruise and have a delicious dinner either with your family or for a romantic outing. They will take you on a dhow which is a traditional boat in order to complete the experience and give you a taste of culture and tradition.

The sound of the water is so serene and relaxing you won’t want the cruise to come to an end. What a magnificent way to enjoy Dubai at night.

City Walk

City Walk is a must-visit as you make your list of 10 things to do in Dubai at night. It’s the complete luxury experience with international shopping brands, fancy high-end restaurants, charming residences, and out of this world hotels.

This destination displays innovation, creativity as well as a sense of community. What a fantastic way to bring people together to share their living space while working and playing with one another.

Gold and Spice Souks

If you want to buy gold, Dubai is the best place to find amazing quality and great deals. The Gold Souk offers all types of jewelry and ornaments made of gold and other precious materials.

The Spice Souk is close by and you and your loved ones will love walking through these markets at night and looking at all they have to offer. The aroma and colors alone will be enough to infatuate your senses.

Go on a tour led by one of the local guides who is an expert in the history of the area and the markets. Stock up on rare herbs and spices and so you can take them back home with you.

The lost chambers aquarium Dubai
The Lost Chambers Aquarium photo by Atlantis

Lost Chambers Aquarium

Enter the lost city of Atlantis and go on a journey through the Lost Chambers. It’s a huge aquarium that is home to a wide spectrum of marine life from stingrays, seahorses, sharks, crabs, and many more.

The unique aspect of this aquarium is that they offer multiple experiences for you and your kiddos to have close encounters with some of the animals. One example is you can sign up to go diving and feed the sharks for a truly exhilarating and memorable experience.

Night Safari

You’ve seen this city at night now it’s time to see what it’s like to be out in the desert while you explore 10 amazing things to do in Dubai at night. The night safari will take you out into the Arabian Desert for an unforgettable adventure.

It starts with dune bashing in a 4×4, sand surfing, and camel riding if that interests you. You’ll arrive after sunset at a traditional tent set up around a fire where you’ll have a BBQ for dinner as you watch cultural performances like the Tanura Dance Show. Close out the night with some stargazing and soak in the peace of the desert night sky.

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  1. Exploring Dubai’s attractions during the night is all together a different experience. When the sun goes down and the city becomes illuminated, one feels like being in a fantasy land.

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