Rocket Paddle Steamer Trip in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a riverine country. If you want to explore this land of rivers, then you should make a journey by rocket steamer. Rocket Paddle Steamer trip is one of the most popular tour attractions in Bangladesh. The foreign tourists like this trip very much. This tour will give you the opportunity of seeing many rivers of our country.
Rocket Steamer Trip is recommended by many travellers. The famous news media such as BBC, CNN have featured this tour. Many travel guides including Lonely Planet have given focus on this fantastic rocket trip. It will be an outstanding travelling experience in Bangladesh for the tourists.
History of Rocket Paddle Steamer
It has been running since British regime. Now, the service is almost 100 years old. It is well-known as rocket in Bangladesh although it is paddle steamer. I don’t know how it was named. Probably once it was the fastest boat among the local Bangladeshi vessels. Rocket steamer was considered as elite-class service in south-eastern India.
Once the paddle steamers run by steam engine. At present, all have been converted to diesel engine. The first rocket steamer was built in 1920s.
Specialities of Rocket Trip in Bangladesh
*It is a day and night tour.
*It creates the opportunity of visiting Sundarbans and historical Muslim city Bagerhat.
*Exceptional river-cruise experience
*Journey by boat of Colonial period
*It will give you feeling of travelling with a marine vessel museum
Rocket Paddle Steamer Trip
Name of the Rocket Paddle Steamers
PS Ostritch
PS Mahsud
PS Tern
PS Lepcha
PS Sella
PS Mahsud and PS Ostritch are the regular rocket service providers from Dhaka and the others are substitutes. *Here PS means Paddle Steamer.
Days of Operation
BIWTC operates another ferry in this route. The name of the ferry is MV Madhumoti which is run in Monday and Thursday. It is a new vessel equipped with modern luxurious facilities.
Type of Rocket Paddle Steamer Seat/Cabin 
Deck or Third Class
Second Class Double Cabin Non AC
First Class Double Cabin AC
*Every cabin has two beds.
First class cabins are the best for travelling. If you do not get any ticket of first class, then buy second class cabin ticket. But deck or third class seats are not suitable for foreign travellers. You need to bring sleeping bag or such kind of things for travelling on deck. It is not recommended and comfortable for the tourists. Rather avoid it.
Ticket Price/Fares of Rocket Paddle Steamer Trip
Dhaka to Barisal
2nd Class: BDT 1260
1st Class: BDT 2300
Dhaka to Hularhat
2nd Class: BDT 1710
1st Class: BDT 3105
Dhaka to Morrelganj
2nd Class: BDT 2100
1st Class: BDT 3715
Rocket Paddle Steamer Trip Route

Once Khulna was also included in this route. Now it has been stopped due to lack of enough depth of  river. So, the last destination of rocket steamer service is Morrelganj of Bagerhat.

Departure and Boarding Points
Badamtoli Launch Ghat, Dhaka: 03:30 PM
Sadarghat Launch Terminal, Dhaka: 06:30 PM
Barisal: 05:00 AM (next day)
Hularhat: 10:00 AM(next day)
Morrelganj: 02:30 PM(next day)
*There might be delay (1/2 hours) to reach or depart.
Collecting Tickets for Rocket Paddle Steamer Trip
Being a very much popular trip, It is hard to get cabin-class rocket tickets for the travellers. There is no email booking system. You should book at least 20 days before this trip and collect ticket before two-three days from BIWTC. Address and contact info have been given below:
Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation(BIWTC)
5, Dilkusha Commercial Area
Phone: +88 02 9559779, +88 01818 532540
Office Hour: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Sunday to Thursday)
I hope you will be able to enjoy this cruise journey. For a newcomer, it is also hard to locate the office of BIWTC. This is why ask your friend living in Dhaka to collect rocket steamer ticket. Or you can take help from any tour operator to buy this ticket. It will save your time and labour. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have paddle steamer ticket by yourself.