Bahrain is a beautiful country. Its wildlife, landscape, and culture bring many tourists during the year. This oil-rich country that was once a merchant hub for gems and spices is now the seat of black gold and banking.

Rich with historical sites and locations, Bahrain provides an exciting experience to old visitors and new ones. Here are some of the biggest attractions in Bahrain you must visit.

Globe showing the Middle East
Bahrain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East

Attractions in Bahrain

People from all over the world come to Bahrain to visit and experience their culture and lifestyle. There are many sites that can catch your eye and are worth visiting. Here are some of them:

  •  Manama City and market
  •  Riffa Fort
  •  Bahrain Fort
  •  Bahrain national museum
  •  Hawar Island
  •  Amwaj Island

There are many, many more sites to visit; these are just some of the top Middle East tourist attractions. Depending on your tastes in sightseeing, you can find a wide array of entertainment. Embrace the lifestyle of natives to experience the true feel of Bahrain.

Manama City is one of the biggest attractions in Bahrain

Manama City is one of the most exciting cities in the world. It has an intriguing crossing where old and new lifestyles meet. The city is brimming with skyscrapers and tall buildings, and the old town brings in many tourists.

One of the most iconic parts of the city is Manama Souq or the open market. This colorful venue is the home and center of trade. You can find nearly anything here, from exotic food such as dates to materials such as jewels, wood, and gold. This place is a must-visit spot, and its bursting streets bring in many residents and tourists alike. Here you can experience the true feel of being in Bahrain.

Manama city in Bahrain
Manama City is one of the biggest attractions in Bahrain you must visit

Attraction in Bahrain you must visit is Riffa Fort

For all the history lovers or enthusiasts out there, visiting Riffa Fort can be the right spot for you. The King of Bahrain built this rustic piece of fortification in the 19th century. Although it was mainly used for military purposes, it was also used as an administrative center.

Its walls and fortifications still stand today. They are a testament to skilled builders and architects of their time. Today it is home to museums, walkways, and a restaurant with a perfect view, therefore an excellent location to visit.

Bahrain Fort as an attraction

Another interesting site for history buffs is the Bahrain Fort. Portuguese merchants and lords built this 16th-century old fortification. It was used to protect caravans and trade routes going from east to west. The fort is built on the ancient ground where the old Dilum Empire had its capital.

This UNESCO-protected site is home to one of the oldest civilizations, spanning back all the way to 2000 BC. Today, it stands as a monument to that ancient empire and a tourist attraction that includes museums and galleries.

Tower in Bahrain

Visit Hawar Island

Hawar Island can be perfect for you and your family vacation plans if you are more interested in wilderness sites. Situated near Qatar, this island invites tourists and nature lovers to see its natural riches and wildlife.

Although this is a resort, it is also a place where you can rest and relax. Bird and wildlife watching is something you would not want to miss when coming here. There you can also find good spots for diving and water sports. Hawar Island is a treasure for the people of Bahrain and is a must-go spot when visiting Bahrain.

Moving to Bahrain

Moving to a new country is always exciting but also an exhausting experience. When moving to Bahrain from America, Britain, Australia, Africa, Asia, or Canada, there are a couple of things you should know. The first thing you should do if you are a newcomer is to make yourself known to the local police so they can know your whereabouts.

Since Bahrain has a lot to offer for everyone’s tastes, there are a lot of things to do in Bahrain after the move. Choosing to go outside and learn about the culture and customs can be a good starting point. Mingling with locals, trying out cuisine, and generally getting adapted to the new surroundings and their way of life will let you grasp the sense of what it means to live there.

Bahrain also provides visitors with a vast array of sites, resorts, and entertainment. Checking them out is also a good way to get things going.

Polo players in Bahrain
Polo and horse riding are one of many activities you can participate in when in Bahrain

Other attractions in Bahrain

There are plenty of other locations and activities to visit that couldn’t make their place on the list. One of them is the Tree of Life.

There is also an ancient gate Bab Al Bahrain and fort Qalat Arad as potential tourist sites. If you are into visiting temples and mosques, Al Fatih Mosque and Beit Al Quran are the places to go. Saar, Sitra, and Zallaq are also worth your time.

If you are looking for some interesting activities, you can go for a horse ride, pearl diving, enjoy massages, or go on a motorcycle road trip. Bahrain Formula 1 racing circuit can be excellent entertainment and is always drawing people from all over the world to come. 

You must visit Amwaj Islands

Looking for something different and exciting? Then Amwaj Islands can be just the spot you have been looking for. Bahrain is a country founded on many natural islands, and peninsulas and Amwaj Islands are a set of artificially made islands.

They house some of the best beaches in the whole of Bahrain. More than that, luxurious cafes, restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls draw the eyes of many locals and tourists alike. This is considered an affluent part of Bahrain, where some of the elite gather.

If you are visiting Bahrain, don’t miss out on the chance to come and see and enjoy this place. Amwaj Islands are definitely one of the biggest attractions in Bahrain you must visit.