People go on travel adventures because of all the fun and excitement they offer. However, it would be wrong to say that every aspect of traveling is joyous. In some cases, you’ll have to prepare yourself for a long travel journey, and while those can be fun if they’re really long, then they can also be a little — or very — tiresome. 

Any journey over six hours, be it on a plane, train, coach, or ferry, requires a little management. In this post, we’ll run through some handy tips that’ll help ensure those extra-long journeys are as smooth as possible. 

Look at the Most Comfortable Option

You probably can’t change how long the journey will take you. But you will have some say over how comfortable your journey is. For instance, in most cases, you’ll have the option of selecting what time you depart/arrive. There may also be various ticketing options, with some more comfortable than others.

Unless you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to pay the extra for the best option. You’ll appreciate the additional legroom once you’re sitting down, just as you’ll be happy if you arrive early morning/afternoon rather than in the middle of the night. 

Pack Comfortable Clothing

Part of the problem with those travel adventures is that, while we wish we could be as comfortable as we are in bed, we’re usually wearing stiff outdoor clothing. Plus, if you’re on a long-term adventure, then you may be wearing more clothes than usual to keep your luggage weight down.

It’s recommended to pack some comfortable clothing in a carry-on bag, and then change into that clothing just before you take your seat. You’ll find it much easier to find a comfortable position if you’re wearing comfortable loungewear. It doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t ordinarily wear that clothing in public — you’ll only be sitting in a chair, so it’s not like anyone will see you anyway.

Load Up On Snacks and Supplies

Is there a scenario where snacks don’t make the experience better? If there is, we don’t know what it is. You’ll probably have to deal with awkward sitting positions and some sleepless hours when you’re on a long travel trip.

Don’t make things even worse for yourself by adding hunger into the mix. Even if you have the option to buy snacks during stops, you can’t rely on it — you never know when they’ll be! Instead, buy some supplies before you board. You’ll find that those delicious snacks and drinks help to get you through the journey.  

Bring Some Entertainment

Sometimes, the problem isn’t that a long journey is uncomfortable — the issue is that it’s boring. If you’re taking a long train journey, then there’s only so long that you’ll be happy to look out of the window. Plus, once the sun sets, there’ll be nothing to look at anyway.

You can keep boredom at bay by bringing some entertainment along with you. Your smartphone will be a great companion on the journey since it’ll allow you to play games and catch up with your favorite Netflix shows. Just remember that you’ll need to know how to change iPhone IP address if you’re visiting a different country since a lot of content is geo-blocked. But changing your IP address can help with that.

If you’re traveling with a friend, then read up on some two-player games. That’ll be a fine way to pass an hour or two. You can also look up a list of deep questions — there’s no better opportunity to get to know one another than when you’re both sitting in a chair for hours on end. 

Sleeping Equipment

Some people have the ability to sleep anywhere. But even those people struggle when they’re on a train, coach, or plane trip with so many people around. It’s recommended to take some sleeping equipment with you — at best, it’ll allow you to sleep throughout the journey; at worst, it’ll just make the trip more comfortable.

Pack a sleeping mask, ear plugs, and a travel cushion, and you should be able to rest, especially if you’ve brought comfortable clothing with you.

Plan a Relaxing Arrival 

The journey might feel like it’ll never end — but eventually, it will. You can ensure you can endure the final hours by booking yourself a nice treat for when you arrive. You’ll be much happier if you know that you have a relaxing hotel room to check into as soon as you arrive.

Hope these tips will help you to prepare for long travel journeys.