Nepal is a country known for its spectacular nature, rich culture, and various activities. It is a country located in the Himalayas between India and China, and it is a gateway to Mount Everest.

Kathmandu Durbar Square
Photo from Nepal Tourism Board

Accommodation in Nepal is very wide-ranging, varies from luxury hotels to small apartments, catering to any budget.

So whether you’ve come to catch a glimpse of a wild tiger, conquer some of the enormous mountains in the world, volunteer your time with having some gadgets with you like DSLR, a hidden camera to capture every moment for security purposes, car charger, headphones, plug adapter, and other necessities, because by visiting Nepal you will experience something completely different and immerse yourself in a unique culture, so you will never want to miss anything to spoil your experience.

You are almost guaranteed to find something to suit your style and pocket. You also have the freedom to choose the home-stay where you can accommodate in the local houses with the local people and enjoy the authentic Nepalese traditional food, culture & customs.

Nepal is popular among mountain lovers, hikers, wildlife lovers, and history buffs. It attracts all kinds of travelers.

If you are looking for hotel accommodations, you get various luxurious hotels in Nepal’s major towns and cities, from three-star to five-star luxury hotels.

Hotel Moonlight in Nepal
Hotel Moonlight from Agoda

Hotels in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a beautiful city of Nepal where most tourists prefer to accommodate because it offers the most choices for accommodation. There are many luxurious five stars hotels, with excellent services and facilities.

Most of the hotels are located in the Thamel area, Boudha Stupa area, and Tribhuvan International Airport area. Thamel is the tourists’ most chosen area because here you find hotels with different classes and quality restaurants and shops.

If you are looking for a five-star hotel, then Kathmandu Marriott Hotel and 3-star Hotel Moonlight can be the best choice. And if you are a person that loves quite an environment, then choose a hotel near Boudha Stupa. Hotels near the airport area are always selected when travelers need to catch morning flights.

Chitwan, Nepal
Photo of Chitwan from Nepal Tourism Board

It is a place where you can enjoy the original scene of nature and wildlife. Chitwan has a wide range of accommodation, including luxury resorts to delicate resorts for your choice. In these resorts, you get comfortable rooms and great services and all the necessary facilities.

Chitwan national park is a famous place where many tourists enjoy nature, but they are not allowed to accommodate here due to environmental protection reasons.

Still, there are some villages near the park where you can also choose to accommodate. Sauraha and Meghauli are the most recommended villages here you find amazing hotels, restaurants, and cafes. These places can be the best for accommodation.

Hotels in Pokhara, Nepal
Photo of Hotel White Pearl from Agoda

Stay in Pokhara

Pokhara is the second-largest city in Nepal and another popular destination among the tourist. This city also has a variety of accommodation in different areas.

These areas include the Sarangkot area, World Peace Pagoda Region, Damside and Airport region, and Phewa Lakeside region.

In these areas of the city, you conveniently find hotels and restaurants. Most tourists love staying in the Phewa Lakeside region because of its magnificent landscapes and variety of luxurious hotels for accommodation.

Guesthouses in the Major Cities

The guesthouse is another great option for accommodation in Nepal. These guesthouses provide personalized services, including a hospitable environment, and every facility will make you feel at home.

That’s why  Guesthouse in Nepal mean anything from a small, family-run lodge to a generic budget hotel, where you get all the services like meals, air conditioning, room service, laundry service, Internet access, luggage storage, safe deposit vaults, tourist information desk, airport picks up, beauty parlor and many more.

Hotels in Nagarkot, Nepal
Photo of Hotel/Guesthouse Mount Paradise from Agoda

Motel for Affordable Accommodation

If you are looking for cheap and affordable accommodation, then motels in Nepal can be the best option. Motels of Nepal are also very convenient for stop-overs when traveling to different regions in Nepal.

It is a great option for backpackers, young travelers, and those traveling on a limited budget. These motels are clean, comfortable and may offer several helpful services to tourists.

Teahouse Accommodation

In Nepal, for decades, people are using the term ‘Tea house’ for small restaurants with accommodation facilities. These tea houses are the option for those chasing mountain highs in the Himalayas and leave the tent at home.

On Popular trekking routes, there are well-maintained, reasonably comfortable Tea Houses often called Hotel & Lodge that offer a welcoming smile and a warming cup of tea at the end of a hard day’s hike.

Wrapping Up!

In Nepal, you get a variety of hotels and staying places, but with so many options for accommodation in Nepal, you are sure to find something that suits your taste, requirements, and pocket.

Although, here in this article, we have provided you with a guide to different accommodation options, and with the help of this guide, it would be easy for you to choose which type of accommodation suits you for your tour to Nepal.

This article has been written by Aliza Zulfiqar.

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