Buriganga River, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Buriganga River Boat Trip, Dhaka

My name is Sheikh Imran and I am the founder of this website. Welcome to my travel blog. Thank you for showing your interest in me. I am happy that I have created such kind of website to make traveling easier, comfortable and cheaper for you.

Malaysia tour image

In Front of Petronas Twin Tower, Malaysia

I am a travel blogger and a former tour guide. I like traveling. I love blogging. It is my hobby. Travelkd.com is the result of my labor, love, and creativity. I help people providing travel information. I inspire them to travel. I have been promoting tourism.

Sarah Whitehouse from Denmark visiting Bangladesh

Tour Guiding for an English Tourist

I am from a small town in Bangladesh named Satkhira which is near to the biggest mangrove forest Sundarbans. I am a simple person mixed with introvert and extrovert type characteristics. I am a member of a low middle-class family. To have a personal website means a lot to me.

Dhaka Tour with an American Tourist

Tour Guiding for a Tourist from the United States

I have obtained my graduate degree from the famous Dhaka University. I am not a very good English speaker although I studied in English department.

Dhaka Tour with a US tourist

Americal Law Student Traveled Bangladesh

Travelkd.com began its journey in 2013. I bought a domain name from Namesilo and hosted this site free on blogger. Now, it is hosted on Interserver buying WordPress theme from MyThemeShop. But I started regular earning from this blog in 2015.

Jenna Klotz from USA visiting Dhaka, Bangladesh

With an American Tourist in Dhaka University, Bangladesh

To find out the unique name of a website is a difficult task. I fixed the name Travelkd.com paying much time and research. Travel+K+D=Travelkd was my final selection. Here K stands for knowledge and D stands for delight. Thus the motto of my site is “Travel World for Knowledge and Delight”.

Dhaka Tour with a tourist from Thailand

Tour Guiding for a Thai Tourist

Readers are the heart of this blog. My efforts will be successful if you become benefited by reading this website. Please share the posts of this site in social media. I wish your meaningful travel of life.

Thai tourists visited Bangladesh

Seeing Off the Photographers from Thailand at Dhaka Airport

Countries I have visited:

India, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam.

Future Travel Destinations:

Maldives, Bhutan, United States, Thailand, Singapore, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Turkey, Qatar, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Uzbekistan.


Currently, I am in China for doing MBA in Tourism Management. I am studying in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).

If you want to advertise or work with me, please contact. We can make an effective partnership. You can send email to imran@travelkd.com