7 Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

The travelers and the tourists want to know the ways to stay in shape while traveling. Everyone loves traveling; some travel to escape from their daily lives, while some travel to get inspired and there are also those who travel for the thrill of it.

Nonetheless, there is one thing common in all cases – maintaining discipline goes right out of the window. We blame our new environment, different time zones, or having no gym or kitchen at our disposal. Going on vacation often means taking a couple of giant steps backward on our fitness goals.

Ways to stay in shape while traveling

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What if I say it is possible to have it all? You can stay in your best shape while having amazing adventures on your travel. You do not need a gym or a kitchen at all; being mindful regarding certain aspects will help you stay healthy while living in the moment. Here’s how you can do it.

Workout without a gym!

Nobody wants to run on the treadmill for hours or lift heavy weights on vacation. Besides, spending hours in a gym is not something you would want to do when you can travel and explore. It is where you can opt for other activities while traveling like hiking, trekking, bicycle tours, walking tours, etc. Such actions are adventurous and an excellent substitute for traveling.

On the brighter side, they can be immensely beneficial for your overall health and well-being. If you feel a lack of energy to take part in such activities, you can take the help of supplements to enhance strength and a performance boost.

Alternatively, ask your hotel staff or look into Google Maps for playgrounds or parks around the area that you’re staying. You can do some light exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and running there to keep in shape. After all, every little thing counts!

Keep an eye on your diet.

If you can keep your diet in check, you’ve won 80% of your battle. But sadly, tempting local food, junk, and alcohol are too challenging to resist on vacation. People usually overeat on their holidays and then crash their diet to make up for it. However, that’s not a healthy way of staying in shape.

What you eat defines your health. Even though it is hard to maintain a consistent diet while traveling, it is essential to fuel your body with the right nutritious food. Try to stick to fruits and vegetables and cut down on excessive carbohydrates and meat. Also, make sure to include the right proportion of plant-based or animal-based protein in your meals.

Hydration is the key.

This is one of the good ways to stay in shape while traveling. If you want to stay in shape, make sure to drink a lot of water. Hydration has endless benefits; it keeps you full and hence, refrains from overeating.

It also keeps your immune system going strong, increases metabolism, and helps you deal with jet lag better. However, ensure you do not consume too many sugary or carbonated drinks.

Make sure you always consume clean water to avoid water-borne diseases. Packaged drinking water is readily available in all places. However, you can choose to carry your self-filtering water flask if you are traveling deep into remote areas.

Ways to shape while travel

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Keeping a check on alcohol.

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast who frequently goes on long road trips? Such a thrilling journey requires a lot of prior planning, like getting adequate ktm parts online, safety gear, etc. Take care of your health while traveling just as you would for your bike.

Drinking on a motorcycle tour is not only fatally dangerous but also hugely degrading for your health. Travelers put on a lot of weight because of their excessive drinking habits on vacation. If you do not want to break a few bones and gain those problematic to shed extra kilos, try to keep your alcohol consumption as minimal as possible.

Never skip your breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day yet, the most neglected. If you want to stay on track towards your health goals, never skip your breakfast. Make sure you have a nutritious and fulfilling meal in the morning before heading out to explore.

Leaving an empty stomach makes you more prone to devouring unhealthy junk food once you head out.

Always look for hotels that provide breakfast to their guests. Starting your day with a healthy meal boosts your metabolism and gears you up for the day.

Say goodbye to elevators and escalators.

Finding time to pay heed to your health while traveling can be tough, especially if you have a tight itinerary. You may not always have options for outdoor activities or playgrounds to burn some calories. However, if you are dedicated to staying fit, you can still find a way or two to attain your objectives.

Take the staircases instead of elevators and escalators wherever you go during your vacation. It can be malls or even the hotel that you’re staying at. Also though taking the stairs won’t be as effective as outdoor activities, it would still do the trick

Protein bars are your best friend!

Planning every meal of yours may not be the most straightforward task on vacation. Tight schedules and unfamiliar cuisines may hamper your goal of being mindful of what you eat and consuming nutritious food only.

Similarly, if you are a vegetarian or vegan traveling to a meat-centric location, you may not find too many restaurants serving the type of food you want.

In such situations, protein bars are your saviors. Having a couple of these nutritious bars in your backpack will ensure you do not have to stay hungry at places with no healthy food options.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of bad habits when you’re traveling. Always remember, you only have one shot at living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Take care of your body and be mindful of how you treat it. Do not fall off your track just because you are “on vacation”. 

I hope you will like the ways to stay in shape while traveling. This article is written by Kimberly Clark.


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