How I Saved Money in Nepal Tour

I am a solo and budget traveler. So, I always try to save money wherever I go. Last month, I went to Nepal. This country has fame as a low-cost travel destination. Yet, you can save more money if you apply some tricks. Here are some examples of how I saved money in Nepal:


After coming out of the airport, I met another tourist from a middle-east country. He was also going to the same area where my hotel is situated. He was trying to hire a taxi like me. Then, we hired a taxi together and shared the fare. In a new place, it is a good option to save money.

How I Saved Money in Nepal

A picture with the Russian Tourist


At the hotel, I met another tourist from Russia. We discussed making a combined trip. Next day, we made a tour in Kathmandu together. We also shared the taxi fare together. Both of us were benefited through this. It helped me to reduce the tour cost.


On 24th February, I visited Nagarkot of Nepal. To go there, I used the local bus in place of using a taxi or tourist bus. It saved a big amount of money. Just you need to be brave to ride a local bus. Otherwise, I was to pay a huge amount of Nepalese rupee to the hired drivers.

At Nagarkot View Tower, I saw a tourist group of 13 persons who were from my country Bangladesh. I asked them to take me with them on the way back to Kathmandu. They accepted my request and I returned without spending a single penny. I was really a lucky tourist.

How I saved money in Nepal Tour

Journey by local bus in Nepal.


I am a tourist from a country that belongs to the SAARC region. SAARC consists of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. I used the opportunity of low-cost entry fees for tourists from SAARC. I visited Boudhanath Stupa, Narayanhiti Palace Museum, Nagarkot Outlook Tower with low-cost entrance fee.


To know the distance of a tourist attraction, I use online maps. If I see the place is not so far and I can go on foot, then I don’t rent any transport to go there. Rather, I go on foot and save my money. Thus I also saved money in Nepal.

You can also follow my techniques. In fact, these tricks are also applicable to visiting other countries too. So, try to save your hard-earned money during the tour in Nepal in those ways.


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