My Google Adsense Approval Experience

How I got Google Adsense approval

“It is well-known that Google Adsense is the most popular ad network. But it is hard to get approval from this network. I have got Google Adsense approval in the month of April 2014. I tried and tried. I failed, but I didn’t leave my hope. I gave my effort for one and half year. Finally, I have got the success and become able to show ads from this best ad network.

I have understood that great content plays the main role to get Google Adsense approval. I have read many articles to get ideas on this. Read my article and know the tough experience. Make your effort cordially and wait for the result. You will be able to grab the success.

Google Adsense Approval Experience


At first, I started with a Blogspot blog. but I failed several times. I got an answer that my Adsense application was disapproved. I made a multi-topic based blog. I learned that I should not create a hodgepodge blog. I have to make a blog which must be single topic based. After that, I made a blog on a specific topic which was related to travel.

I became unsuccessful to get Google Adsense approval again. Then I understood that I should buy a domain name and start a new blog. It is better to buy .com, .net, .org or .info domain. The decision is final that .com will be the best as it is the most popular in the online world. So, I bought a .com domain on 30th March 2013. Then I integrated that domain with my blogger website.

I named it Travel World for Knowledge and Delight. I attached it to my domain name. Then I made a few posts and applied for Adsense approval. I failed again and the same answer I got that application disapproved.

Other Ad Networks

I categorized my blog into various labels such as travel tips, travel accessories, tourist spots, travel quotes, and travelers. It gave my blog a good enrichment. Moreover, it helped me to post the article in a disciplined way. I published various articles on every label. After that, I applied again and failed.

There were some lacks in my website. I thought that I had to make more posts. Every article must fulfill at least demand with words. As I become failed, I applied for Infolinks ad, Bidvertizer ad and more. I was successful in this arena. But Adsense was a hard way for me.

I made some more posts and brought some changes to my website. I tried to make my website more attractive. After that, I applied again for Google Adsense approval. But I failed. Sometimes, I became disappointed. Yet, I didn’t lose my hope. I carried on my effort.

I learned a good thing from the internet. Adsense doesn’t support other ads such as Bidvertizer, Chitika on the same site. So, I removed those ads. In the meantime, my blog was enriched with some more useful posts. I learned that Infolinks is Adsense supported. So I did not remove Infolinks ad.

Adding Compulsory Pages

I kept on reading various articles about on the internet. I made more posts and brought changes in my blog. I learned various pieces of advice and applied those to my website. I applied for Google Adsense approval again and again. I failed again and again.

Reading articles, I learned that it was necessary to add About Us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages into my site. So, I added those pages. It is good for a website as it brings perfection. Yet, I was unable to get approval.

What is the problem? Then I removed info links ad too from my site. I check out my blog carefully. I deleted the affiliate links. I checked my site to find out broken links and later I corrected those links. I hoped that it would be more helpful for me. After that, I applied again.

Not getting google adsense approval

Google Answer and My Disappointment

I applied and applied. Adsense was sending the same kind of answers to me. I was bored. I asked various people on the internet to know about the problem. I heard them and tried to solve the problems. Is my website eligible for Adsense approval? I asked this question to various online sites. Some said that my website was OK to get approval. On the other hand, some said that the website was not eligible for getting Adsense approval.

It was very much hard to keep my patience. Disappointment comes automatically in such kind of situation. But, I didn’t destroy my expectation. I carried on my journey. I increased my posts and made my website more visitor-friendly. I enriched my site with various travel related topics such as Cuiaba car rental in Brazil, choosing best flight deals etc.

Google Adsense authority sends some advice every time. After that, I brought some changes to my website every time. But they gave me the same kind of advice. So, I was unable to detect the real problem so that I could solve the problem and get Google Adsense approval. I wanted to get specific advice. What is the problem? Which page is the problem? Where could I bring change? What could be avoided? What should be deleted? Thus, I was in the situation of a dilemma.

Solving Problems Of My Site

I checked out the uniqueness of my blog. There were a few problems in this section. I took help from and to bring uniqueness to my contents. I corrected the problems and brought uniqueness. I made my website neat and clean. I removed unnecessary widgets of my site. Navigation was made user-friendly. There is no copyrighted images and article. I placed the AdSense code perfectly and followed the Adsense policies.

My website is about travel tips, travel accessories, tourist attractions, travelers, hotels, flights, restaurants etc. Now, I have paid huge attention to Brazil world cup football and created some posts on this. Cuiaba of Brazil is a host city of this world cup. In fact, I have created a Cuiaba travel guide for my visitors. I think Google has liked my posts. So, I believe that I am going to be successful.

Google Adsense approval success


Finally, I became succeeded in the month of April 2014. Adsense authority approved my application. and sent a “congratulations” message. My effort turned into a success. I have already mentioned that I tried for more than one year. If anybody tries to do anything cordially, success will come to him today or tomorrow.

In fact, almost everything was ok on my site. But there was a little lack and that is useful and user-friendly contents. After seeing the high quality and useful contents for the visitors, Google gave me the approval to show ads on my site Travel World for Knowledge and Delight.

Advice on Getting Google Adsense Approval

I want to give you some advice to get Adsense approval from my experience:

1. Content must be great and unique

2. Content must be user-friendly and useful to the visitors

3. Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions pages must be included

4. Add About and Contact pages to get better value of your website.

5. Delete any kind of affiliate link

6. Don’t integrate any other ad

7. Site navigation should be simple

8. Avoid broken links

9. Avoid Copyrighted images

10. Try to use a dot-com domain

11. Take time to apply for Adsense. In fact, make your site prepared for Adsense

12. Check out everything before publishing your post

13. Re-check your published post. If need, update the post again

14. You should create a site based on a specific topic such as travel, sports, technology etc.

15. Try to publish an article regularly.


I hope that my experience will inspire you to get Google Adsense approval. Don’t be disappointed. Just follow the techniques and be attentive. Success comes through patience and efforts.”

(At first, I published this article on another website a few years ago. This is 2018. So, some info might be outdated. Still, it is helpful and inspirational I think.)

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