Sample Study Plan for Chinese University Admission

This post is mainly for them who are keen to see “sample study plan Chinese university admission”. Writing a good study plan is a necessary part of university admission application. It will enhance the opportunity of getting scholarship besides admission. Here is a sample focused on Chinese university:


“It is my great honour to write this study plan. The tourism industry is dynamic and fast-growing. It has big employment opportunities all over the world. If anybody gets recognized qualification, it will open the door to a variety of roles within the travel sector. I want to gain a systematic understanding of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for career progression.

I am determined to get the best possible degree as it will help me to stand out from the crowd. A good degree will ensure favourable consideration from the employers and customers. It is very much important to get a good education in this competitive world. Tourism and hospitality is something I am very much passionate about. World Tourism Organization predicts that tourism industry will be triple in size by the year of 2020. There is an ever-increasing range of job opportunities and career prospects for well qualified and motivated people.

Reasons to Study in Tourism Management

There are many factors have motivated me to go for tourism courses. I am a tourist guide. Tour guiding is my hobby and passion. This passion has been turned into my profession. Moreover, I am a travel blogger. This is why I want to get deep knowledge on tourism education. This degree will provide me the recognition of well-qualified professional in travel and tourism sector. This course is a strong point of my career. Working in tourism and hospitality industry is very much enjoyable. I can meet new people. I feel good when customers are satisfied and value my job. Discovering new countries and learning about new cultures will make me enriched. So working in the hospitality industry will be suitable for me.

Sample study plan chinese university admission

Background of Studying in China

There is an old Arabian saying that “Go to China for earning knowledge if need”. I have been taught this by the elders to express the importance of knowledge since my childhood. Thus, China was introduced to me. Now, China is an ideal place for higher education. All of the above factors have boosted my confidence to study in China. This is the country which is enriched with 50 UNESCO recognized World Heritage Sites (cultural, natural and mixed). It is a perfect place for travelling. I would love to go to China to pursue further study. China is a captivating and perfect place to study tourism management. Today, China is a successful example for the third world and developed countries. The fast-growing economy, technological advancement and the highly reputed educational institutes of China make a great aspiration to the students and professionals. So, I have taken a logical decision of studying in China.

Factors for Selecting —– University

If I want to be successful in this arena, then I need higher education from the institute like —– University. This university has earned an excellent reputation. I have made a small research on this educational institute through the internet. I have learnt that the environment is great. There are many students who are from different parts of this world. It will be excellent being in touch with so many cultures every day. Your courses are well-organized and have high recognition. The whole programme is sufficient with appropriate knowledge for producing highly qualified graduates. I have chosen the right university for this purpose. I am definitely sure that I have selected a great campus to pursue my study in tourism. Taking into consideration all these aspects, I believe that the high education offered at this university will show me the way to success. I strongly believe that your university can equip me with great skills and efficiency which will be very much helpful to face the challenges of the tourism industry.

My Personality, Academic Background and Tourism

I am friendly, responsible, helpful, patient and enthusiastic. I am good at listening and understanding. Tourism is very much exciting as it suits well with my characteristics. I want to develop my ability in hospitality. I have a great interest in tourism research, planning, hospitality and development. During my undergraduate study, I was involved in various extra-curricular activities. I have learnt many things and earned certificates and awards. Everything proves my capability.  I try to keep myself up-to-date with travel information. If I get the scholarship, I will best use this award. I am intended to contribute to the socio-economic arena of my country through obtaining knowledge and education from graduate study.

I studied at the famous University of Dhaka which is the biggest and best university in Bangladesh. I was a literature student of Faculty of Arts in my undergraduate programme. The medium of instruction was English. I can make myself different from the others to bring positive change to the society and the country. The experiences in Bangladesh National Cadet Corps have given me good leadership quality. I participated in different voluntary services. It has increased my social awareness and commitment. I can be one of the bridges between Bangladesh and China through studying tourism management.

Present and Future Study Plan

I have chosen the master degree course which will take me three years to achieve. This course is theoretical and also practical to some extent. It will give me necessary knowledge and skills. The successful completion of my study at  —-University will broaden my horizon. The solid educational background will help me to realize my goals. Obtained knowledge and experience in China will be helpful to accomplish my personal ambitions after returning to Bangladesh. I don’t want to stop learning after completing the master programme. I will make effort to take admission into PhD programme. I am keen to do research in a particular field of tourism.

If I become awarded Chinese Government Scholarship, I will not disappoint you at all. I want to do something which will make you proud. Both Bangladesh and China will be benefited in the short-term and in the long-term. This is why I believe that you will consider my application positively.

Kind Regards,


This is just a sample study plan Chinese university admission. I can’t say that it is perfect. But, it is helpful to get an idea how to write a study plan. Best of luck for all of you.