“Malindo Air Is The Worst Airline I Have Ever Traveled”

“Malindo Air Is The Worst Airline I Have Ever Traveled” is the review written by Vikram Potdar.

Malindo Air is the worst airline I have ever traveled in so far. I booked 4 tickets for my family in Aug 2014 for  Oct/Nov (ETKT 816­5225263523) travel to Bali from Mumbai. The allowed luggage was 20 Kgs per person at the time of booking. On the return leg of Journey on Nov 2, 2014, the lady at the check-in counter desk checked-in 4 bags weighing 60 Kgs in total and she suddenly said that you have exhausted your allowed limit of 60 Kgs !!!!.


I was carrying total 6 bags weighing 80 Kgs. I informed her that my allowed baggage is 80 Kgs. Then She informed me that the company changed its baggage policy on Oct 11, 2014, and now only 15 Kgs/person is allowed as against 20 Kgs. I requested her to consider my case as I was traveling with family and did not want any hassles.

Malindo Air Is The Worst Airline I Have Ever Traveled

I also told her that you have changed the policy without any information to us and you should not apply the rules for the tickets booked prior to the policy change. But the lady was adamant and did not consider my case.  I explained to her that the remaining two bags contained costly perfumes and lots of other items which were not allowed in hand baggage so requested her to call back one of the bags so that I can put those items in that bag and carry some items as hand baggage. But she refused to do it.


Even I was ready to pay for the excess baggage but they did not allow. I had to throw costly perfumes and some items which were not allowed in the Security check.  I lodged a strong complaint with my travel agent about this.


After few days I got a call from India CEO of Malindo Air. Since the beginning of the conversation, the lady CEO was very aggressive and rude. She simply shrugged off her responsibility and was telling me Customs rule which is not within her purview. I am utterly disappointed with this Malindo Air for the handling of this issue and arrogant behavior of their CEO.  I urge people not to travel by Malindo Air.

There are many criticisms of Malindo Air. The passengers are being harassed by them. So, you need to be careful of flying with this airline.