Things to Know before Visiting Los Angeles

Los Angeles(LA) is the name which has exceptional attraction to pronounce. This is the city that has outstanding capacity to blow our mind. If anybody wants to make a list of top modern excellent cities of this world, then I can say that LA will be one of them. Let’s try to reveal more of this city:

Before USA, Los Angeles was the part of Spanish and Mexican Empire. It is historically related to Native American Chumash and Tongva people. This city is a proud organizer of Summer Olympic Games twice. It is also memorable for one of the birthplaces of Internet (ARPANET).

LA is the short name of Los Angeles. It is surprising to me that it has a nickname which is City of Angels. You will observe that LA People celebrate every new year with massive Rose Parade and Rose Bowl College football game.

It is very much interesting info that most of the people of LA are foreign born. They are from more than 140 countries. 224 different languages are identified here. OMG-What an info it is!

If I consider crowds and prices, then summer is the best travel season in Los Angeles. June may be exception in this regard. Autumn is also good for visiting. From March to May and from September to November are the best times to visit.

Los Angeles Trip TipsTop Landmarks of Los Angeles
Walt Disney Concert Hall
The Kodak Theatre
The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
The Griffith Observatory
The Hollywood Sign
Dodger Stadium
The Battleship USS Iowa
Hollywood Boulevard
Staples Center
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Capitol Records Building

A huge number of Hollywood celebrities are seen in Los Angeles. You may be lucky enough looking any celebrity passing you suddenly. Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox are the top 3 film studios of this world. It is recognized as the Creative Capital of the World as one in every 6 workers in creative industry.

LAX is the best airport for getting in Los Angeles. It is suitable for cheap airfares, non-stop flights and frequent services. You can visit LA through bus, train, taxi, motorcycle and car too. Los Angeles road traffic is the most congested in USA.

To explore LA, you should know that it consists of 10 regions which are Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westside, The Valley, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Beach Cities, Downtown and Neighbouring Region. You will be able to explore astonishing diversity in these regions of LA.

Now, let’s come to the point of where to stay in LA. Here various types of hotels are available for you. Have a look:
Family hotels/Luxury hotels/Business hotels/Historic hotels/Value hotels/Hip hotels
So, cheap and costly both types of hotels are available in LA.

Want to have French Dip Sandwitch? Then visit Philippe the Original. Dine at Dominicks in West Hollywood, Matteo’s Restaurant and La Dolce Vita.

Go to El Pueblo Historical Monument to know oldest site of Los Angeles. Make visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House which is an iconic architectural masterpiece. Take a walk for seeing Union Station, Bradbury Building, LA City Hall, US Bank Tower, Broadway Theatre District, Grand Central Market and Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles Downtown.

Some More Interesting Places in Los Angeles
Sony Picture Studios
Natural History Museum
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Korea Town
The J. Paul Getty Museum
The Los Angeles Central Library
Grammy Museum

Why not Pacific Park? This is the only admission free amusement park in LA. San Gabriel Mountains is famous for recreation place. The Dolby Theatre is the venue for the Academy Awards. Enjoy world’s only active urban ice age excavation at Page Museum and La Brea Tar Pits.

You may like bike tour to discover specific places of LA with some bike tour companies. Warner Brothers Studio Tour is famous. You will like Edelweiss Chocolate Factory in Beverly Hills. It is a perfect city for the people with disabilities to visit.

Los Angeles is the city of multi-religion, culture and beliefs. It is busy with many activities, events and people. LA is outstanding as a destination for shopping.You will love surfing, skiing, dining and amazing Los Angeles Race. ¬†You can’t avoid LA Disneyland.

Now, I want to share one thing which is distasteful. This city is known as “Gang Capital of America”. According to LAPD, the city is home to 45000 gang members. This is why you have to avoid some specific places.

I hope that you have become successful for revealing the city. You have got the things to before visiting. Now, It’s your time to say:

“I don’t want to miss you Los Angeles from seeing, feeling and ¬†touching”.

“Los Angeles, I am coming”.

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