Nilgiri – An Outstanding Tourist Attraction in Bangladesh

Nilgiri tourist attraction is one of the natural beauties of Bangladesh. Every year, a huge number of Bangladeshi people visit outside world. They invest a huge amount of money for this. But they don’t know that there are some fantastic tourist spots which can fulfill their demand of travelling. Some of them may know about these spots, but they have lack of knowledge about these spots’ beauty and importance. Nilgiri is such kind of extra-ordinary tourist attraction.
It is located in Bandarban which is a south-eastern district of Bangladesh. The distance between Bandarban city and Nilgiri is 46 kilometers. Transports are available there. If anyone visits this place, he or she must be satisfied. You can taste living with the clouds here. There is no accommodation problem. There is a resort. So, you can stay at Nilgiri Resort.
It is our Switzerland, Thailand or New Zealand. You will feel staying in foreign tourist spots. This is one of the best Bangladeshi tourist attractions. The mountain is waiting to welcome you. The resort is over the Nilgiri hill. There are some excellent cottages in this resort. Tent accommodation is also available there. I hope you will like food too.
Nilgiri Bandarban
To embrace and enjoy the nature, everybody should visit this place. I have already experienced this attraction. I like this spot very much. Try to visit this tourist spot.
Nilgiri is very much busy tourist spots. There are many people visit this place every day. If you want to stay there, you should advance contact with the authority. Otherwise you will be failed to book your cottage. As it is managed by Bangladesh Army, you have to contact with them. Communication facilities are ok to reach there. You can easily reach there from Bandarban city. You can also stay at the hotels of Bandarban. There are many hotels to fulfill your demand of accommodation.
It is not too tough to reach Bandarban from the capital city of Bangladesh. The route is given below:
Dhaka-Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar-Bandarban-Nilgiri
You can use highway, railway or airways for reaching to Nilgiri. It is directly connected by road. Dhaka-Chittagong and Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar routes are connected by railway, highway and airway.
Nilgiri tourist attraction is full of beauty. Everything is nice here. The trees are nice. The grasses are beautiful. The hill is mind-blowing. All the cottages are excellent. I feel special attraction to the tents. I want to stay here. You can also stay there. Try to get this opportunity of staying at such kind of place. You will feel proud.

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