How to Travel World for Free

Want to travel world for free? Don’t be surprised at this question. You can travel this world free of cost. Even you will be paid for travelling. This is absolutely true. Just you have to know the systems of free travelling. If you have strong will of travelling, then you can follow these ways to travel. Don’t worry if you have lack of money. Fulfill your wish of travelling world free through following some strategies.

Savvy travellers know that there are many ways to travel world free. I have got a few ideas on this regard of free travelling. Have a look at this article:

House-sit program

It is the idea of reciprocity. It means that staying at home while the owner is away. Just you have to look after the house. It is a win-win method of free travelling. Dalene and Peter Hack couple travels in this way. This is another way to travel world for free.


This is a system of visiting and hosting. It means that you can visit staying at someone’s home with free food and accommodation if you host someone in your house in the same way. It is a fantastic method of free travelling. There are some websites which bring together like-minded travel-worshippers and promote this travelling.

Getting travel-friendly jobs

There are some kinds of jobs which are helpful to travel worldwide. If you get a job in foreign affairs ministry, then you will be able to visit many countries of this world. The most people staying outside world from USA are the members of US military. The members of intelligence unit like CIA visit various countries as their part of duty. Even you can join in various international organizations, NGOs or voluntary organizations such as like United Nations, Commonwealth, Red Cross, Oxfam, BRAC etc are also give the opportunity of worldwide free travelling for doing their organizational tasks.

Embrace the art of travel hacking

It is the idea to score enough free rewards points on hotel and airline loyalty programs to earn free accommodations and transportation. Sign up for any credit card that offers ridiculous amounts of miles just for joining, enter contests that give away free miles or points, and basically jump at anything that offers free travel benefits. Keep up with special promotions and always be on the lookout for more point-earning opportunities.


Delivering someone’s car or boat

Suppose you are in USA. Someone from Canada bought a car from a US shop. Then you are hired to deliver that car to Canada. Anyone who has the proficiency to deliver someone’s yacht or boat, then he can take this opportunity of free tour. It may be from USA to the Caribbean beautiful islands Turks and Caicos or any other places.

Becoming a flight attendant

This is a great option to travel if you become a flight attendant. You will be able to attend day and night not only in domestic city but also in foreign city. So, join in the international airlines as flight attendant for regular free travelling.

Becoming a tour guide

I think this is the best option for free travelling. As a guide for the tourists, you can travel local and international tourist spots.

Teaching in a foreign country

If you know various languages such as English, French, Arabic, Spanish etc, and then you can be a teacher of these languages in a foreign country. There are many people who use this method for free travelling.

Travel world free

Work on an organic farm

Barter your time and hard work for a place to stay. You will get free accommodation with home-cooked food here. The farms don’t pay your main travel costs, yet it is a big opportunity. This is one of the ways of travel world for free.

Test medication

This is a travelling opportunity with cost of ticket. You will get the chance of visiting testing spots to test the people who are affected by various diseases.

Spread the word of God

You could travel far spreading the religion and more. You can teach the knowledge of religion. You can be a worldwide preacher. 

Research destinations for a travel guide

Researchers can earn huge money visiting various destinations providing travel related information. There are many institutions and organization which give this opportunity to the researchers for travelling to do research. So, this is another good option to travel world for free.

Trade specialty goods

Sell your products and have your travel. It is necessary to travel locally and internationally for trading goods. It will give you selling and traveling opportunities at the same time.

Some more options to travel world for free with earning money

1. Becoming a hardcore mileage runner
2. Becoming a transportation secret shopper
3. Reviewing hotels for a cooperative website
4. Make a bet and win money and travel
5. Get a job in a different country
6. Be a travel writer, get royalty through your book and make tour without spending your personal money.
7. Be a talking head on a cruise. As a famous person you can have free cruise and speaking fees.
All those ideas of travelling world without paying your own money are really effective I believe. You can try to fulfil your dream of travel world for free. Take your decision, join in the task and have your trip. Thus you will get success of free travelling and be delighted earning such kind of achievement.

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