Yakutsk Russia Travel Guide

Yakutsk is the coldest city on the earth. It is recognized as a city of gold and diamonds. This is an exceptional and rare kind of area in this world for travelling. The attention by the adventurous tourists to this city is being grown up day by day.

Location of Yakutsk Russia

Yakutsk is the capital city of Sakha Republic in Russia. It is located at the north-eastern part of Russia. It is only 280 miles south of Arctic Circle. Yakutsk is a remote city in eastern Siberia which is a part of Asia.

How to go to Yakutsk Russia

The tourists can go to Yakutsk through Tupoleve plane which will take six hours from Moscow. Various airlines run flights here from different top cities of world such as Beijing, Seoul, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok etc. Yakutia, Polar, Globus, Nordwind, IrAero, Ural, Angara, S7, Alrosa, Transaero, Aeroflot, Sakha Airlines run flights regularly at Yakutsk airport.

Yakutsk travel guide Another option is 1000 mile boat ride using Lena River during the few months of the year when it isn’t frozen. Using road to reach Yakutsk is tough for the tourists. You have to use M56 Kolyma Highway which is also known as Lena Highway or Road of Bones. For this, you need to use via route of some other cities of Russia such as Chita, Skovorodino, Magadan etc.

Top tourist attractions in Yakutsk Russia
Lenskiy Pillars/ Lenskie Stolby
Mammoth Museum
Kingdom Permafrost
Exhibition Treasury of the Republic of Sakha
Russian State Drama Theater Named After Pushkin
International Center for Jaw Harp Music
Yakutsk State Academic Drama Theater
Yaroskavsky Museum of History and Culture of the Northern Peoples
National Art Museum of Sakha
Kangalasskiy Cape
Orto Doydu Zoo
State Opera and Ballet Theater
City Central Park of Culture and Leisure
Museum of Music and Folklore of the People of Yakutia
Yaroslavski House Museum
Sakha Republic National Dance Theater
M.K.Ammosov Memorial House-Museum
Sakha Expo Center
Yakutsk State Variety Theater
Kolyma Highway
Lena River
Top hotels of Yakutsk Russia
Hotel Polar Star
Tygyn Darkhan Hotel
Orto Doydu Hotel
Sterkh Hotel
Vostorg Bed and Breakfast
Sonata Hotel
Severnoe Siyanie
Bed and Breakfast Bravo
Center Guest House
Nord Hotel
Rubin Hotel Complex
Tuyaara Guest House
Visit Apartments
Bed and Breakfast Penthouse
Avrora Hotel 
Mini-hotel Stariy Gorod 
Hotel Ontario 
Sweet Home Guest House 
Hotel Lena

Yakutsk Russia Top restaurants in Yakutsk Russia

Tygyn Darhan                
Bon Ami
Usadba Atlasovykh
Wok Café
Da Vinci
Burger Khit
Muus Khaia
Blin House
Dream Coffee
Dikaya Utka
Malenkaya Venezia
Top shopping malls in Yakutsk Russia
Mriya Malls

Some Taxi companies of Yakutsk Russia
Diligence Taxi 
Gold Elite Taxi 
Romashka Taxi
Uspekh Taxi 

Travel safety advice for visiting Yakutsk Russia
It is better to stay at the centre of the city. You should not drink in public at night. Avoid poorer neighbourhoods at night. If possible, take taxis wherever you go. Otherwise you will become exhausted. Show minimum level of awareness and prudence in the public places. Use effective layer of clothing enriched with fur and feather to save you from cold. Keep your things safely with you on public transport and crowded place. 
If you visit once Yakutsk, it will be hard to forget it. The remoteness of this city attracts the visitors very much. So, visit Yakutsk and see the exceptionalism of a place in this world. I hope this Yakutsk travel guide will be helpful for the travellers.

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