Exploring Bukit Duabelas National Park in Indonesia

This is unforgettable experience of visiting Bukit Duabelas National Park and Anak Dalam Tribe in Indonesia by my friend Sesde Seharja. He works for Culture and Tourism Agency of Jambi Province, Indonesia. His narrated two days travel experience has been given here.

24 SEPTEMBER, 2011

“That morning around 06.00 am alarm clock rang and I jumped up, and then get ready packing and bath. At 7:30 pm gather at the yard office and met with some of the participants. I am very happy because now I have a lot of new friends in Jambi.

We heard the instruction to leave after gathering with some participants. We got together and put the entire gear bag into the trunk of the car. Then we set off by using three (3) units cars towards the Bukit Duabelas National Park, Sarolangun located at the distance of approximately 6 hours drive through land route.
Arriving at precisely Sarolangun Air Hitam village, we were greeted by some people attendant of National Park in their offices. After our lunch to the location of the establishment of the tent (camping area), all participants are busy with their activities.
Exploring Bukit Duabelas National Park and Anak Dalam Tribe in Indonesia

The press is busy preparing for cameras and other media devices, while waiting for friends Porter prepare all our food supplies and tents were guided by the officer heading home Betaring chief (the Chief is chief Child Within “camp” in charge of 10 heads of families) who should be reached by walking approximately 1 hour drive.

We had convivial with Chief Betaring in his yard, sitting with two sheets unfurled traditional mats, when we hear stories about the culture and the origins of life Tribal Children In or typically often abbreviated as Anak Dalam or among people Jambi better known as Kubu Tribe. Besides we also briefed some custom rules and attitudes that we should keep obey while in the forest.

After completing welcome, we also took a picture together and went straight to the garden Temenggung to take some vegetables and root crops. Then we continued hunting lizards and labi-labi (turtle) along Temenggung with some children and their families.

After getting the results we immediately went on the hunt for a trip to the camping area because when the clock has been shown at 17:45 pm and is starting to feel the atmosphere Malampun marked by singing crickets around us.

After arriving at our tent taking a break we enjoyed snacks and hot coffee. We continued the story with Betaring Chief and several of its citizens. After bathing in the river not far from the camping area with improvised means (fortunately that time forgot camera hahaahaaa….), we headed to the tent and gathered to hold a little discussion while waiting finished dinner prepared by friends porter.
After dinner my friends held a discussion. We didn’t  feel the night is going on, the clock have shown at 23:00 pm, the air began to feel cold and burnt wood into the campfire coals. I snapped because I just remembered that night it was the night of my birthday.
What a feeling that I could not express through write this because this was my first experience celebrating a birthday in the jungle along one of the primitive tribes in Indonesia. The tribal Children in Kubu were helping to give exposure through their charger lights. I was watching them prepare the meat snack night lizard, labi-labi (turtle) and pigs by means boiled and burned. All of these events were wishful thinking.

That morning sunlight faintly visible from the window of a tent. I got up from sleeping and walked out of the tent. I looke at the circumstances surrounding, still it was very quiet and all my friends were still sleeping.
After the shower and breakfast in the morning, we got together and ready to implement the travel route circles around most areas of National park with officer, Chief Betaring and several other residents of SAD.

The route that we’ve been through quite a lot extreme, muddy roads almost knee deep, hill climbing down the valley (so remember theme song of ninja Hatori film … hihihihi ..), but all my friends seem happy and enthusiastic to explore these activities.

During the trip we passed several houses / huts of SAD. But we should not be approached and photographed because it is one of the traditional rules. We also passed through a region of medicinal Plants, beehive enriched trees and one Conservation Area Pockets of the rare plants Semar (nepenthes) maintained jointly by the parties and citizens of National park SAD. I was amazed seeing a harmony. There was no political interest, group interest or personal interest.

After approximately 4 hours, we finally reached the camping area. We enjoyed a lunch break, a snack and hot coffee. After lunch, we packed stuffs and got ready to go home.

After a convivial, we left the camping area … with their sweet smiles waving to us.
This is the piece of the story of my experience. I write this note with a sober and actually without any exaggeration.” 

Written by:
Sesde Seharja
Tour Planner and Guide 

***Remember the great travellers such as Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Ibn Battuta, Vasco da Gama. You will get courage to visit such tribal village.*** 

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