Favorite Holiday Destinations of Hollywood Movie Stars

The Hollywood stars choose their holiday destinations carefully. They try to spend their vacation with utmost delight and enjoyment. They make their vacation just like us. But, they pay huge attention on some particular aspects of these travel destinations. Privacy, security and luxury are the top priorities to select these holiday destinations.

Favorite holiday destination of Tom Cruise
Milan is one of the attractive vacation destinations of Tom Cruise. Milan is an Italian city. He visits this place regularly.
Kurumba Resort in Maldives is another favorite destination of this Hollywood star. He spent his honeymoon here.

Tom Cruise likes Napa Valley very much. He traveled this place along with his friends and family several times.

Favorite holiday destination of Anne Hathaway          

Italy has been an attractive holiday destination to Anne Hathaway. She was seen several times with her boyfriend to make vacation there. In fact, she is a regular holiday visitor of Italy. 

Favorite holiday destination of Tom Hanks

This Hollywood actor is in love with Eden Rock, St. Barth. He is a regular wintertime guest of this place. He is attracted by the stunning beauty of this marvelous Island.

Favorite holiday destination of Will Smith

This big earner celebrity spends his holiday in Hawaii with his family. Will Smith likes to play golf here and his family loves to enjoy relaxing at the beautiful beach.

Favorite holiday destination of Cameron Diaz
This popular actress likes to make vacation in the Mexican beaches of Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. Cameron Diaz loves to spend her leisure time and Thanksgiving Day holidays in Mexico. Stunning Icelandic scenery is also favorite to her.
Favorite holiday destination of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Venice beach is the favorite vacation destination of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He loves this pristine beach to do bicycling. Even he celebrated his birthday here. He also likes Café Roma as lunch spot.

Favorite holiday destinations of Hollywood movie stars
Favorite holiday destination of Nicole Kidman

She is attracted by Bora-Bora tourist destination. The Le Meridian resort is favorite to her. Nobody can forget crystal-clear waters and breathtaking beauty.

Favorite holiday destination of Brad Pitt
Las Ventanas in Las Cabos, Mexico is an ideal holiday destination for Brad Pitt. This is perfect for winter vacation as he looks for luxury and privacy.
Favorite holiday destination of Emma Thompson

The beach island Jamaica is favorite to Harry Potter movie star Emma Thompson. You may see her if you stroll near Round Hill Hotels and Villas in Jamaica. 

Favorite holiday destination of Ben Affleck

The Caribbean Islands Turks and Caicos are liked by Ben Affleck very much. This is why he made his honeymoon and welcomed his third child there.

Favorite holiday destination of Sandra Bullock

Her favorite travel destination is Jackson Hole, Wyoming of USA. She is different since she likes rugged and outdoor spots beyond secluded beach as vacation.

Favorite holiday destination of Kate Hudson
Aspen, the Colorado ski resort area has been recognized as an outstanding holiday destination to the celebrities like Kate Hudson. It is favorite as the movie stars can easily blend in with the locals.
Favorite holiday destination of Mel Gibson

Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands is a mind-blowing holiday destination to Mel Gibson. This exclusive and luxurious vacation spot can be afforded by the celebrities just like him.

Favorite holiday destination of Jennifer Lopez

The movie star like Jennifer Lopez chooses Caesars in Las Vegas, Nevada of USA when she wants to try her luck. Thus, such kind of hotel turns into holiday destination offering fantastic suite with private pool. 

Favorite holiday destination of Leonardo Di Caprio

This Hollywood superstar has attraction to Miami of Florida and Cabo San Lucas of California. He loves exploring natural and beautiful places. He likes to take time off from his busy schedule. 
I have mentioned some great names of vacation destinations which are also favorite to the Hollywood movie stars such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Stone and more.
Generally, the Hollywood stars enjoy their holiday far away from the paparazzi as much as possible. They always prefer peaceful and protected vacation destinations. In fact, they become regular visitors when they like those tourist spots cordially. The celebrities escape from their normal life and make great holiday.

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