Disney Cruises Review by Ken Jeta

Disney Cruise line operates under the Walt Disney Company and was incorporated in 1996. The headquarters is located in Florida and its president is Karl Holz. There are four ships that are currently in operation, namely the Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream and Disney Wonder. The ships are beautifully made and there are pretty chandeliers and art works on the walls of the cabins.
And to add to all the excitement for the Disney fans, there are plans to add two more ships in 2021 and 2023. Currently the fleets cover the Caribbean, Northern America, and parts of Europe. So why do so many of us, including adults so passionate about making a Disney Cruise at least once in our lifetimes? There has to be some magic that attracts people from all over the world this cruise? What makes it so popular?

We know for a fact that there is at least, one member in your house hold who is crazy about taking a cruise on one of these Disney sails. And we can assure you that of course a Disney cruise will be one of the best vacations you have ever taken. It is amusement and enjoyment at its very best, it’s the pinnacle of pleasure and leisure.

Disney Cruises Review
If your family has kids, you can rest assured that a trip on a Disney Cruise would be a memory etched in their hearts forever. Disney Cruising means literally enjoying a fairy world.  Their kid’s and teen programs are an absolute delight. There are a multitude of activities for kids aged from 3 to 17 aboard every ship.
Storytelling, animated art shows, science experiments are some of the projects that are going to keep the kids occupied the entire day. Basket ball games, kite making classes, theatre tours, cooking classes, you name it, and there is something for everyone. Here, the kids can personally meet their favorite Disney characters onboard and even enjoy a marvelous firework show during the night. Apart from this, there is also a nursery present for babies.

Though the Disney Cruise is primarily aimed at satisfying the kids and is meant for a family oriented cruise, a lot of elderly couples are seen sailing on a Disney cruise. The reason is that there a number of amenities on board that specifically cater to adults.  Every part of the cruise spells entertainment.
The movie theatre with an astonishing stadium seating is awe-inspiring. As the kids go to bed, you can enjoy a night out at the jazzy clubs or eat at one of their specialty restaurants and take a dig at their wine tasting tour. Elegance is the word that comes to mind as we describe the dining halls. The guests can have food at a different themed restaurant for every meal.

For a safe and fun way to enjoy your holidays, we recommend a trip on the Disney Cruise. It is indeed worth the money spent and you will surely return to book another trip aboard this fascinating cruise, next time too.
**Disney Cruise review is written by Ken Jeta

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