a2z Nilgiri Hill Resort Bandarban Information

Nilgiri Hill Resort tourist spot is one of the amazing tourist spots of Bangladesh. Do you want to embrace the clouds? Then, visit Nilgiri. You will be able to enjoy serenity with ultimate relaxation escaping from city boredom. The whole resort is on the top of the mountain and surrounded by excellent hilly natural views. Nilgiri is recognized as the highest resort of Bangladesh.

Resort Authority
The Nilgiri Hill Resort tourist spot is maintained by Bandarban officers club which is the sister concern of Bangladesh Army. The reservation process is done by 69th Infantry Brigade whose headquarters is in Bandarban Cantonment.
The Nilgiri Hill Resort is in Thanchi upazilla of Bandarban district. It is 46 kilometers away from the Bandarban town. It is located on the Bandarban-Chimbuk-Thanchi road. You can go Nilgiri by bus or Thanchi bound jeep which is known as Chander Gari. You can also hire private car or jeep to visit this place from Bandarban town. There is a helipad for travelling by helicopter.
a2z Nilgir Hill Resort Bandarban Information
On the way to Nilgiri tourist spot, the Bangladeshi visitors must register their names and addresses at the military checkpoint. On the other hand, the foreign tourists will be restricted there. This is why they need permission from the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Bandarban to make tour at that area or Nilgiri Hill Resort tourist spot.
Parking Fee at Nilgiri Resort
Bus/Truck : BDT 400
Minibus/ Big Microbus : BDT 300
Pickup/Big Jeep/Small Microbus : BDT 200
Private Car/Small Jeep : BDT 100
Motor Bike : BDT 30
Food Facilities
There is a standard restaurant to fulfill the demand of food for the tourists. You have to spend BDT 200-500 for every meal. You can get different types of tasty food here. I hope you will like the food of Bandarban.
Contact information of Nilgiri Hill Resort
For Booking and Reservation
69 Infantry Brigade,
Bandarban Cantonment, Bandarban.
Cell phone:+880 1769299999
For Food and Other Admin Facilities
Camp Commander
Nilgiri Hill Resort
Cell phone:+8801190811322
For Picnic Facilities
Cell phone: +8801769299999
For Foreigner Booking
Cell phone:+8801855550088
Accommodation Facilities in Bandarban and Nilgiri
There are two ways to arrange your accommodation. You can choose any way to have your accommodation. Have a look:
1. Stay at various hotels or guest houses in Bandarban town
2. Stay at the cottages of Nilgiri Hill Resort
Cottage Information of Nilgiri Hill Resort
There are 5 standard cottages ranging from BDT 5000-12000 in Nilgiri Hill Resort. You can choose any of these. Maximum 2 persons are allowed in each cottage or room.
Meghdut 10000 BDT
Akashlina 10000 BDT
Marma Reesa (1) 8000 BDT
Marma Reesa (2) 5000 BDT
Nilangana (1)5000 BDT
Nilangana (2)5000 BDT
Tehkho Reesa (1) 5000 BDT
Tehkho Reesa (2) 5000 BDT
Marma Reesa (1) is the duplex one which is famous for its unique structure. It is also known as Honeymoon Lodge. It is popular to the newly married couples.
The specialty of Tehkho Reesa (1) is that it is mainly made of bamboo. This is enjoyable to stay.
Tent is also available in Nilgiri Hill Resort. You have to spend BDT 2500 per night for staying at tent.
The tourists have to pay BDT 500 for keeping additional person in the cottage.  
Cottage Reservation Information
Most of the time this resort remains booked. This is very much popular and busy tourist spot. The tents can be ready within short notice for the visitors. Yet, it is your duty to contact with the authority to book cottage 1-2 month before your tour.
The members of the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, and Bangladesh Air Force will get discounts on cottage rent. They have to contact through proper channel to get this concession.
Nilgiri Hill Resort Booking Procedures
It is the rule that Bangladeshi tourists reserve any available cottage through any serving Bangladeshi military officer. You can book your cottage online. For booking, open this “Reservation” link. Now, fill up the format according to the guest category of civil, retired military officer, serving military officer and submit it. After that, you will get an SMS/email including the necessary instructions. Now, pay your cottage rent mentioned in the SMS/email to any branch of Islami Bank/Trust Bank by TT or online.
You are bound to deposit the money within 3 working days after getting an SMS from Nilgiri Resort Authority. After this payment, send the following information to +8801769299999 by SMS for booking confirmation and update the website by visiting this link. Name of sender
Name of bank
Name of branch
Total amount deposited
Payment date
Transaction number
Desired date of booking
After that, the Nilgiri Resort authority will send confirmation SMS/email within 24 hours. For necessary dues adjustment, a money receipt must be presented to Nilgiri Resort. I should mention that booking money is non-refundable.
**Open=Open For Booking
**On Process=Already Applied
**Booked=Resort is Booked
It is recommended that avoid trying to book any cottage which indicates “On Process”.
Make your Nilgiri Resort cottage booking here.
You have to always maintain proper discipline in the Nilgiri Hill Resort tourist spot.
Money Deposition Address
1. Account Name: Nilgiri Hill Resort
Account Number: SND 04, Islami Bank
Bandarban Branch, Bandarban by online or TT
(From any Branch of Islami Bank in Bangladesh)
2. Account Name: Nilgiri Hill Resort
Account Number: 0062-0210000403
Trust Bank Limited, Bandarban Branch
Nilgiri hill resort tourist spot of Bandarban is an extra-ordinary travel destination of Bangladesh. If you visit Bandarban, then never miss the opportunity of visiting this attraction. 
Cottages of Nilgiri in Bandarban
Nilgiri Hill Resort tourist spot in Bandarban is enriched with some excellent cottages. The visitors must like these cottages. You will be lucky if you stay there.

Here is the list of all the cottages of Nilgiri in Bandarban:

1. Meghdut Cottage
2. Akashlina Cottage
3. Marma Reesa-1 Cottage
4. Marma Reesa-2 Cottage
5. Tehkho Reesa-1 Cottage
6. Tehkho Reesa-2 Cottage
7. Nilangana-1 Cottage
8. Nilangana-2 Cottage
Cottages of Nilgiri in Bandarban
Cottages of Nilgiri in Bandarban


Cottages of Nilgiri in Bandarban

Marma Reesa-1 is a duplex villa. It is famous for its unique structure. It is also known as Honeymoon Lodge to the guests of Nilgiri Resort. 

Tehkho Reesa-1 is also an unique structure of Nilgiri hill resort tourist spot. It is mainly made of bamboo. The tourists will like it very much.
Meghdut is fantastic cottage over the hill of Nilgiri. It will give your tour an aesthetic value.
Akashlina is perfect for ultimate relaxation. The tourists will enjoy this cottage very much.
Nilangana is nice cottage for enjoying natural hilly views. This is good travel accommodation. 

There is another accommodation facility in Nilgiri Resort. It is Tent. There are 4 tents in Nilgiri. The tourists can also stay here. 

Nilgiri Hill Resort Address-Location-Contact Information

Nilgiri is one of the mind-blowing tourist attractions in Bangladesh. If anybody wants to visit this outstanding spot, he or she should know the address, location, and contact information of Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban.

Address and Location of Nilgiri Hill Resort in Bandarban

Nilgliri Resort, Nilgiri Hill, Kapru Para

Chimbuk-Thanchi Road

Thanchi, Bandarban


The Nilgiri Hill Resort is situated 46 kilometers away from Bandarban town. You can visit the Nilgiri tourist spot through any kind of transport which goes to Thanchi. It may bus, micro, private car or Chander Gari(one kind of jeep).  The resort is located on the way to Bandarban-Chimbuk-Thanchi road.

You can hire any kind of Thanchi-bound transport. There is a helipad over the hill of Nilgiri. You may also rent a helicopter to arrive at Nilgiri Resort. Foreigners need special permission from the Bandarban DC office and the Bangladeshi people have to register their names and addresses at the checkpoint of Law enforcement agency.

Necessary Contact Information of Nilgiri Hill Resort in Bandarban

**If you want to book a room at Nilgiri Resort, then you have to read the followings:


Headquarters of 69 Infantry Brigade

Bandarban Cantonment, Bandarban


Contact number: +88 01769 299999


**For arranging food and to get other admin facilities, please pay attention to the below information:

Camp Commander

Nilgiri Hill Resort, Bandarban

Contact number: +88 01190 811322

**If you want to arrange any kind of picnic, then contact this number:

+88 01769 299999

**If you are a foreigner, then please contact the following number for Booking:

+88 01855 550088

I hope that the above information will be very much helpful to visit the beautiful Nilgiri Hill tourist spot in Bandarban.
Room Tariffs of Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban

Nilgiri resort offers logical room rates to stay at its outstanding cottages and tents. You can make an enjoyable vacation in this resort. All the rooms are featured with excellent facilities.

There are 5 types of standard cottages in Nilgiri Resort. There are some tents too to stay for the guests. The staying cost in Nilgiri Resort is ranging from BDT 2500 to BDT 10000. Let’s know the room rates of Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban.

Meghdut Cottage
BDT 10000/per night
Akashlina Cottage
BDT 10000/per night
Marma Reesa-1 Cottage
BDT 8000/per night
Marma Reesa-2 Cottage
BDT 5000/per night
Nilangana-1 Cottage
BDT 5000/per night
Nilangana-2 Cottage
BDT 5000/per night

Room rates of Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban
Tehkho Reesa-1 Cottage
BDT 5000/per night
Tehkho Reesa-2 Cottage
BDT 5000/per night
2500/per night
There are 4 tents in Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban
Room rates of Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban
**It is being informed that maximum of 2 persons allowed in each cottage or room at Nilgiri Resort.
**BDT 500 will be charged for keeping extra person.
**You should remember that all the tariffs are subject to change without notice. 
Visit Nilgiri and stay at any cottage or tent of Nilgiri resort. Live in the clouds and enjoy hilly natural views. Make a tour over Nilgiri hill at least once in your life.

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