Bangladesh Tour Package Cost Comparison

If you are thinking about visiting Bangladesh with the help of any tour company, then this post is for you. It is better to hire a guide or tour organizer for making a perfect trip. It will help you to reduce your tour duration and cost. Moreover, your travel will be more fruitful and enjoyable.

This is why I want to give you idea on Bangladesh tour package cost. This comparison will help you to evaluate the tour operators in Bangladesh. I have made research on this topic. To get idea of it, I have brought full day Dhaka or old Dhaka tour package cost in front of you. Let’s have a look:

Name of Operator   Cost
Guide Tours                             $111

PathFriend                               $111

Nijhoom Tours                         $104

Bangladesh Tour Package Cost Comparison

Deshghuri                                 $95

Bangladesh Emerald Tours         $90

Trip Bangladesh                        $65

Trip 2 Bangladesh                     $65

Modhu Tours $60

Now, you can assume the cost of other tour packages of those tour operators. So, travel to Bangladesh and make a successful tour.

There are many tour operators which offer different types of tour packages for foreign tourists in Bangladesh. The package prices are also different. The price varies for experience and fame of the organization. But I think that the services in the same package are almost same.

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