Dhaka to Chittagong Bangladesh Railway Train Info

Bangladesh Railway operates inter-city express and mail trains from Dhaka to Chittagong regularly. Let’s know the names of the trains and schedule:
Dhaka to Chittagong Inter-city Express Trains
Suborno Express        
Departure: 15:00 PM
Arrival: 21:20 PM

Mohanagar Provati     
Departure: 07:40 AM        
Arrival: 14:55 PM

Mohanagar Express     
Departure: 21:00 PM        
Arrival: 05:00 AM
Dhaka to Chittagong Mail Trains
Karnaphuli Express    
Departure: 08:30 AM         
Arrival: 18:30 PM

Chattola Express       
Departure: 13:00 PM          
Arrival: 21:00 PM

Dhaka to Chittagong train schedule is subject to change. It is applicable from 7th January, 2016. 

Wishing all of you a comfortable and enjoyable train journey to Chittagong from Dhaka. Bangladesh Railway is ready to serve you. 

Published: 27th February, 2016