World Cup Football-2014 and Travelling

This post was written in 2014. It is just re-posting. The post is about World Cup Football-2014 and Brazil travelling.

“”World cup football-2014 is going to be held in Brazil. The travelers or the tourists who are thinking about enjoying world cup football have to travel Brazil in2014. So, they need to know all kinds of travel news of Brazil related to world cup football. For making a successful travel in Brazil on the occasion of world cup football; the traveler must be aware of all the travel news or information such as ticket price, venues, transport, food, hotel etc.

Otherwise the tourists will face different kinds of problems in Brazil. Here I am going to provide you some travel news related to Brazil world cup football-2014.

Travel news of World Cup Football

Brazil is the biggest country of South American continent. Total 12 cities of Brazil are going to arrange world cup football. You have to visit 12 venues to enjoy football. The names of the cities and the venues are given below:

City  :  Venue
Belo Horizonte                          :                  Estadio Mineirao
Cuiaba                                     :                  Arena Pantanal
Fortaleza                                 :                  Estadio Castelao
Natal                                       :                  Estadio das Dunas
Recife                                     :                  Arena Pernambuco
Salvador                                  :                  Arena Fonte Nova
Sao Paulo                                :                  Arena de Sao Paulo
Rio de Janeiro                         :                  Estadio Do Marcana
Porto Alegre                            :                  Estadio Beira Rio
Manaus                                    :                  Arena Amazonia
Curitiba                                  :                  Arena da Baixada
Brasilia                                   :                  Estadio Nacional de Brasilia
All of these cities are attractive destination for travelling. These cities are famous in historically, traditionally and culturally. It will be a great decision to travel Brazil as a football lover. In fact, Brazil is a great travelling destination for the travelers. During world cup football, the dazzle of Brazil will be enormous.

Travel news of World Cup Football-2014
Tickets of world cup football-2014 are available from 20th August, 2013. Tickets will be sold in international and domestic level. There are four categories of tickets including disabled access tickets. A football lover traveler should buy match tickets as soon as possible. 

The prices are fixed from $90 to $3350 according to the category. The travelling in Brazil will be much more enjoyable if any traveler become able to buy any ticket. I should mention that FIFA has arranged fair and equitable chance of securing tickets for all football fan travelers.
As Brazil arranging world cup football-2014, they have increased the standard of all kinds of services in Brazil for all the travelers. The government and the non-government institution have enhanced their facilities to serve the travelers so that they become satisfied and come to travel Brazil again. All kinds services related to travel Brazil and world cup are in highly recommendation.
All the organizer cities of Brazil are connected with excellent transportation. It is very much developed for world cup football. A traveler can move one place to another place easily. Wherever you travel in Brazil, you should keep a route map with you.
The accommodation facilities are outstanding now. The travelers will get all kinds of accommodation facilities according to their economic ability. There are many hotels and guest houses in Brazil. I hope that the travelers will be satisfied with the accommodation facilities in Brazil. If you try, you can stay beside of the venue.
You will get the chance of having Brazilian food in line with the internationally recognized food items. The travelers can have taste the food as they wish. There are many restaurants as well as internationally recognized branded food court in Brazil. So, there will be no food problems during world cup football in Brazil.
The travelers can have the chance of sightseeing of all the cities during world cup. The government has taken enormous security steps for the travelers during world cup football. So travelling is secured for the travelers. Many tour operators in line with the government institutions are working for providing best services in Brazil.

So, have a mind-blowing travel in Brazil during world cup football-2014.””


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