How to Start a Blog by Yourself with 4 Easy Steps

Today’s topic is how to start a blog. Many of us want to create a blog or website easily. So, how to make a blog? Today I am going to start a profitable blog easily at low cost. I will provide you A to Z guide of creating a successful blog.

Online is flooded with many posts of how to start a blog. But most of them are not suitable for all. The cause is that the posts are not understandable for the readers. Reading those articles will be time loss for you.

Stop reading too much articles from internet. Sometimes it will create confusion in your mind. This method is not always effective. Avoid HYPE stories from so called gurus. Rather you should start working to reach the destination. Gradually you will improve and get success in blogging.

You can make living from a blog. If you become able to increase the popularity of your blog, you will be famous in online world. So, make a blog with perfect plan.

How to start a blog

Short chronology of of how to start a blog

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Get your own blog host
  3. Install wordpress and add theme
  4. Write content and publish it

Follow every 4 steps of this post attentively. The beginners, the teenagers, the students and the home moms will be able to make an excellent blog by themselves after reading my article. Let’s have the clear presentation on it:

Step-1 of How to Start a Blog

What is the first step of starting a blog or website?

It is selecting a niche of your site. It means the topic of the blog. It may be travel, technology, politics, recipe, health or anything else. If you love travelling and have huge knowledge on this topic, then you can make a website about it.

When I took decision to create a website, I was in great problem of selecting niche of my site. I think every beginner has same kind of issue. We are surrounded by thousands of topics. Yet it is very much hard to select a perfect niche for a future successful blogger or website owner.

What should be your niche?

This is an important part of how to start a blog. It depends on your choice. You should choose a topic which you like. Never make a blog which is not in your choice. Suppose you have attraction for car, then you can make a blog about this car niche.

Another thing is that you should have vast knowledge about that niche or you are always ready and keen to make research on that topic. It is necessary to keep the blog alive and write regular posts.

If you start a blog or website with any type of topic and you lose attention to that topic 6 months later; then you should not make a blog on that niche. It will be great loss of time and profit for you. Don’t start blogging with boring topic.

This is why start now and think about the situation of six months later. If you are able to carry on your eagerness about the topic at least for six months, then you can begin blogging with that niche. For this reason, you have to think deeply about niche so that making a blog can be profitable for you.

In fact, I want to say that figure out what you are passionate about. If you have the skills and knowledge to become specialist in your field, then you can start blogging. Select a blog topic which is interesting and profitable to you.

Single topic or multi topic blog, which one is better?

Avoid making multi topic based blog. You may lose your patience of writing content for your site. It is always great to have blog with single topic. It is huge possibility to be successful in blogging by a blogger who rely on one specific niche.

If you have the ability to deal with multi-topic in a site, then you can prefer it. But it may decrease your site’s authority value. This is why I encourage you to stay with single topic based website.

Step-2 of How to Start a Blog

The second step of starting a blog is to select the domain name. It means the address of your blog. People will find your blog through typing it on search engine or browser. For this purpose , you need to visit any domain registrar.

Which registrar is good for domain?

There are many domain registration companies in this world. You can buy from any of them. I can recommend a company for this purpose and it is; visit Namesilo and search for your desired domain name. In comparison to other domain registration providers, Namesilo is very much cheap and affordable.

I have bought most of domains from them. I am totally satisfied with this company. You can use any of the below discount coupon code to get $1 off in registration:

  1. ROSE
  2. HONEY
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Is it necessary to buy a domain now?

If you have money, then you should buy your domain now. Otherwise you may lose favourite name any-time. Don’t waste time. Register your desired domain either now or today. Make decision as soon as possible. Otherwise, the discussion of how to start a blog will be failed.

If you search for a domain name, you will see that most of the names are already taken by the others. We cannot say that what is available today will also be available tomorrow. For domain names, it is very much true.

So-called lowest domain price!

Don’t be fool seeing attractive cheapest type advertisements from the domain name providers. You may see that they offer one dollar, two dollar or three dollar domain registration price. It is a technique of selling domain. But their renewal price is very much high. It may be$14-$18 or more. So, avoid such kind of domain providers.

What type of domain name should be selected?

It will be a good decision to buy TLD which means top-level domain name. You will see.COM, .NET, .ORG etc suffixes after domain names. These are TLDs. The most popular is .COM TLD. I suggest you to buy domain name with .COM which will be intelligent decision.

How to choose a suitable domain name

It is little bit difficult to find out a perfect domain name. Most of the wanted domains are not available. Generally three rules are followed to make a domain name.

Many of us use their name as domain. You can also do this. This is the part of branding your name. If your name is MR Peter, then your domain address will be There are many famous bloggers who have earned huge reputation such as,

The second category is niche. This type of domain name is very much popular. If your website is about car, then the domain name can be created as There is no lack of niche in this world. So, you can register domain name about anything you like.

Well, come to the third type of domain. This is that you can combine niche and your personal name. Once I had a domain which is the big example of it. My name is Imran. It was about blogging tips. So, I named my domain as

Now, it is your decision how you want to select your domain name.

Step-3 of How to Start a Blog

The third step of beginning a website is web hosting. It is where all of your web files such as images, articles, videos, audios are located online.

There are two types of hosting. One is free-hosting and the other is self-hosting. It is always better to have your own blog host. You have to pay a little amount of money monthly for this purpose.

On the other hand, you don’t need to pay money for free-hosting. There are many sites which provide free hosting. Here are some examples of these types of sites:

I started my blogging life with The domain address is always attached with the hosting site’s name. It is very much boring for the visitors. For an example: Moreover, you are always in the threat of losing your site for  hard terms and policies.

Custom domain in free-hosting site

But you can use custom domain in this site. Just you need to change the name servers in the control panel of domain registration company. It is little bit complex matter for a new blogger to use domain control panel. But Namesilo is very much easy domain registrar in this purpose.

If you start blogging with free hosting, then I suggest use and buy domain from After that you have to redirect your domain name to blogger hosted site.

Why we should not use free-hosting

You may be banned in free hosting account or you site may be deleted anytime. I have bitter experience in this regard. A few of my sites were deleted recognizing as spam sites. That was very shocking for me. It may happen even after using custom domain name. So, be careful of self-hosted providers.

Why we should use self-hosting

There are many risk of using free-hosting. On the other hand, there is no such kind of problem in self-hosted site. You are the owner of your site and all types of files. You will have total control over your site. Self-hosting is enriched with many benefits.

Web hosting company

You will see many hosting providers. They offer many types of hosting. You can choose any of it. Shared hosting plan is most popular. In fact, it is the best for the website starters.

Recommended web host

If you are a new blogger, I suggest you to start a blog with Interserver. I am using this web host. Interserver is currently offering my readers huge discount rate in their hosting plan. Use the below discount coupon code to purchase hosting plan from them:


An intelligent blogger must buy hosting for long-term basis. My suggestion is for you that buy hosting plan at least for one year.

Should we buy hosting and domain from different provider?

I have suggested you to buy domain and hosting from different company. In fact, this is for future security so that you can handle any kind of difficulties.

Suppose your domain becomes very much popular to the visitors. If you start blogging today with good plan, someday your blog will be popular in the online world. If you get bad customer support from your hosting provider what will happen then.

At this time you need to transfer your domain or migrate hosting to another provider. Buying hosting and domain from same company can prolong your suffering. This is why I suggest having different domain and hosting provider.

Can we prefer same company for registration and hosting?

Yes, you can buy it from same company. If you think changing DNS is tough and complex for you, then you can do it. Moreover, maintaining two different accounts for same purpose is a pressure for some bloggers. For this reason, it is better to buy domain name and hosting from same company. My recommended Namesilo only offers domain registration and Interserver offers both hosting and domain.

Step-4 of How to Start a Blog

Choose a CMS which means Content Management System. I recommend WordPress for this purpose. Now, it is very much popular blogging platform. CNN, Techcrunch etc are using wordpress. There are many benefits of using wordpress. Here the wordpress means the CMS software from, not

Now, install a suitable wordpress theme and some plugins for your site. You can select a free theme or you can buy outstanding theme at affordable price to get very good result. This matter is also applicable for wordpress plugins.

Which theme should I use?

Theme is also known as template. I suggest you to have theme from MyThemeShop. You should pay attention to some matters before using template or theme. It should be responsive, fast, ad optimized and easily navigated. MyThemeShop is a popular theme providers.

WordPress plugins

Plugins will help you to manage your site easily and increase overall performance. Thousands of plugins are available for wordpress users. Plugins are made for website perfection. It comes with additional features. Here are some services of plugins:

Maintain website security,

Search engine optimization,

Speed up site

To keep backup of files

Site analysis and more

After finishing all the above mentioned steps, write your first post and publish it. Quality content is very much necessary for attracting visitors. Remember content is king. You will be a successful website owner soon.

Take blogging seriously. It can be your big earning source. Your reputation will be increased through blogging. Be patient. Don’t be disappointed. Success will come automatically. Just believe in yourself. Spread the easy ways of how to start a blog.

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