Travel Warning for American Citizens

Emergency travel warning is given for US citizens to maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness. It is well known that there are some security threats and terrorist activities in this world. The citizens of America are the main target of this. This is why travel warning for US citizens should be followed.
You should know that Al Qaida and other terrorist organizations want to attack against US citizens in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East with variety of tactics including hijacking, bombing, and abducting, assassinating and suicide operation. 
So, all the travellers from USA should be careful of travelling and should avoid such kind of risky countries to travel for a certain period after getting the emergency travel alert.
Natural disaster may happen any-time anywhere. We have no control over it. Just we can make cautious the US travellers for not travelling disaster affected area. 
If it happens during travelling, the travellers should have to withdraw themselves from the tourist spots as soon as possible with least harms. On the other hand, when diseases breakout in the tourist zones; the travellers must avoid that places to visit. Otherwise the travellers may be victim of such kind of diseases.

The State Department of US Government has issued travel warnings for the US citizens. Emergency travel alert has been imposed regarding various situations and criteria on some countries of this world for the security of US travellers.
All the US travellers must follow the travel alert instruction. The list of the countries is given below:
Middle East:
Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, Syria, Iraq 

Mali, Niger, Kenya, Somalia, Chad, Libya, Nigeria
Mauritania, Cote d’Ivoire, Eritrea, Egypt, Sudan
Central African Republic, Congo, Algeria, Burundi

Lebanon, Republic of South Sudan, Tunisia
South Asia
Pakistan, Afghanistan

East Asia
North Korea, Philippines

Central Asia

Central America
Mexico, Haiti

South America
Honduras, Colombia, Guinea, El Salvador
This is why US travellers are recommended to register their travel plans into the state department’s travel website of the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy. They should enrol in STEP (Smart Traveller Enrolment Program) to get latest security updates. Remember that the terrorists are always trying to get the chance of doing harm to the interest of USA.
The US travellers must avoid these countries to visit. If necessary to travel, then the travellers follow the highest caution against any kind of unwanted situation. The travellers should have regular contact with US embassy.
Causes of travel warning for US citizens
A few months ago US ambassador was killed by a terrorist attack in Libya. An US embassy guard was killed and some others were injured by bomb attack in Turkey on 1st February, 2013. 5 tourists and a bus driver were killed in Bulgaria. Al Qaida is active in Algeria. 
Yemen and Egypt are in huge civil unrest (2013). Pakistan is almost a failed state because of regular terrorist activities. The unrest in Syria has already caused the death of ten thousand people. Al Shahab terrorist group regularly attack in Somalia. Afghanistan is very much risky for foreign and domestic travellers.
All the terrorist groups have anti-American feelings. So they love to attack US citizens and interests. In fact, there are two kind s of causes which are against US interests. One is terrorist organizations and the other is political conflict.


So, the US travellers should travel other countries such as Bangladesh, Singapore, and Australia etc. It will be a better decision if you maintain all of our instruction before travelling. 
If you are a traveller, you must give importance on this emergency travel warning for US citizens. This alert has been given for your safety.

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