Best Rangamati Tourist Attractions

Best Rangamati tourist attractions are mind-blowing. The whole Rangamati is an outstanding tourist attraction to me. You will say that the world is beautiful when you are in Rangamati. Now, come to know the names of some fantastic tourist attractions in this district.
1. Kaptai Lake
2. Shuvolong Falls
3. Tribal Museum
4. Hanging Bridge
5. Kaptai National Park
6. Rajban Bihar Pagoda
7. Peda Ting Ting
8. Chakma Royal Palace
9. DC Bungalow Area
10. Kasalong River
11. Chandraghona
12. Local Market
Best Rangamati Tourist Attractions
Best Rangamati Tourist Attractions
13. Tuk Tuky Echo Park
14. Fish Market
15. Tribal Handicraft Shops
16. Polwya Park
17. Kaptai Dam
18. Bana Vihara
19. Raja Vihara
20. Boating to Rajbari Island 
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I like Rangamati very much. You will be astonished seeing the natural and cultural beauties of this place. This is why I recommend you to enjoy the best Rangamati tourist attractions. 

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