How to Check Southwest Flight Status

How to check Southwest flight status? Today I am going to provide you a2z tutorial for getting flight information. After this tutorial, you will get Southwest flight status checking link. Let’s see it:

At first, you have to fill up a form.
There are 4 options in this form. Have a look:

Type your departure city or airport code.
Now, type arrival city or airport code again.
Southwest Flight Status

Travel Date:

You can choose here any three dates. It may be yesterday, today or tomorrow. Here you will see day’s name with date.
Flight Number:
Now write your flight number of Southwest Airlines here.

*Remember that the first two options are mandatory to put. To get any one specific Southwest flight status, then you should put your flight number there.

Now, click “Continue” option to get up to date Southwest flight status.
At this time, you will get your desired flight status. The searcher will get the below information:
Southwest Flight Status


>Flight Number
>City and airport code of Departure
>Arrival city and airport code
>Time of departure and arrival
>Present Southwest flight status
Click “View Status” option
You will be able to check three days (Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow with dates) flight information. Let’s know more:
Southwest Flight Status


You will see when the flight departed and arrived with airport gate number and actual departure and arrival time.
Southwest Flight Status


Here, you will be able to check scheduled or changed departure and arrival time with airport gate number.
How to Check Southwest Flight Status


You will get same Southwest flight status without gate number.
How to Check Southwest Flight Status
>If you want to know any single flight info, then click details option below flight number.
>To know airport information, then you have to click on the code of the airport.
Now, check out This Link for Southwest flight status and get up to date flight information.
Please, contact to Southwest phone number for more information. The authority is ready to provide you necessary information for giving top-class services. I think you have got the answer of how to check Southwest flight status.

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