All Fees/Ticket Price of Bangabandhu Safari Park in Gazipur

Bangabandhu Safari Park Gazipur is one of the popular tourist attractions in Dhaka Division. Before going to this Safari Park, all the visitors should have knowledge about its all kinds of fees. Let’s have a look:

Entry Fees of Bangabandhu Safari Park Gazipur
Tk 50
Tk 20

Tk 10 (below 15 years)
Group Study Tour from Educational Institution
Tk 400 (40-100 students)
Tk 800 (more than 100 students)
Foreign Visitors
$5 or Equivalent Bangladeshi currency
Bangabandhu Safari Park Gazipur
Amusement Fee in Bangabandhu Safari Park, Gazipur
Paddle Boat Trip (Half Hour)
TK 200
Mini Train
TK 10
Roller Coaster
TK 20
Merry Go Round
TK 10
TK 10
Children Park
TK 10
Visiting Fees
Visiting Safari Park with Safari Jeep (Child)
TK 50
Visiting Safari Park with Safari Jeep (Adult)
TK 100
Visiting Safari Park with Bus
TK 100
Aviary Entry Fees
Parrot Aviary
TK 10
Dhonesh Aviary
TK 10
Pheasant Aviary
TK 10

Gallery Entry Fee of Bangabandhu Safari Park, Gazipur
Macao Birds Gallery
TK 10
Marine Aquarium Gallery
TK 10
Fancy Duck Garden Gallery
TK 10
Bird Show Gallery
TK 20
Elephant Gallery
TK 20
Parking Fee at Bangabandhu Safari Park, Gazipur
TK 200
Tk 100
TK 60
Tk 20
Other Fees in Safari Park 
Nature Observation Centre
TK 20
Public Toilet
Tk 5 

*Above mentioned fees are subject to change without prior notice.
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