Bangabandhu Safari Park Address and Contact Information

Bangabandhu Safari Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangladesh now. The address and contact information of this safari park has been given here.


Address of Bangabandhu Safari Park
Bagherbazar, Sripur
The Safari Park is situated 40 kilometres north of Dhaka city, beside of Dhaka-Mymensingh highway, just 3 kilometres west of Bagherbazar.Get on a Mymensingh or Sripur bound bus and get down at Bagherbazar. Now you need to use vehicle such as rickshaw to go to Bangabandhu Safari Park which is three kilometres away from Bagherbazar. You also go on foot from this place.

Bangabandhu Safari Park Address and Contact Information

Contact Information of Bangabandhu Safari Park
Forest Conservator, Dhaka: +88 02 8181142

Forest Ranger, Dhaka: +88 01842 217173

Wild Life Ranger, Gazipur: +88 01716 281129

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Visit this safari park and make a successful leisure tour here.

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