Cuba Travel Restrictions Loosen by America

American President Barack Obama has brought a little change in Cuba Policy which will loose Cuba travel and trade restrictions for the American people. This is a big news for the travellers. A new horizon is peeping.

USA is going to build American Embassy in Cuban Capital City Havana again. It will open the door of Cuba more for US travellers. The new American policy will make travelling to Cuba easy, simple and less restrictive.

In fact, President Obama has systematically relaxed the restrictions. Some Advantages of this policy:
1. The Americans will be able to use debit and credit cards in Cuba
2. Telecom service providers will be able to build infrastructures.

Cuba Travel Restrictions Loosen by America

The American people cannot visit Cuba individually. They can go through licensed authority for cultural and educational purposes. The new policy will improve phone-call and internet services. Cuba is waiting to welcome the travellers.

It is expecting that Cuba is going to be one of the best places to travel in 2015.

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