Top Tourist Attractions in Comilla

Comilla is a historical district enriched with many tourist attractions. You will see many archaeological sites in this district.

Before visiting Comilla, everybody should know the list of top tourist attractions. Have a look: 

1. Shalban Bihar

2. Lalmai Hill
3. Mainamoti Hill
4. Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD)
5. Gomoti River

Top Tourist Attractions in Comilla

6. Mainamati Museum

7. Comilla Khadi Cloth
8. Kutila Mura
9. Mainamoti War Cemetery
10. Charandra Mura 

Top Tourist Attractions in Comilla

11. Birchandra Public Library and Auditorium

12. Rupban Mura
13. Hatiavanga Fort
14. Itakhola Mura
15. Hasnabad Math
16. Satera Ratna Mura
17. Ramnagar Elongated Math
18. Ranir Banglar Pahar
19. Harimangal Math
20. Ananda Bazar Palace 

Top Tourist Attractions in Comilla

21. Panch Pir Majar

22. Bhoj King Palace
23. Shaitsala Jami Mosque
24. Chandi Mura Temple
25. Channdimata Brahmanpara
26. Jagannath Temple
27. Dharmasagar
28. Shah Suja Mosque

Comilla is waiting to welcome you. Come to this district and visit the top tourist attractions in Comilla.


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