Room Tariffs of Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban

Nilgiri resort offers logical room rates to stay at its outstanding cottages and tents. You can make enjoyable vacation in this resort. All the rooms are featured with excellent facilities.

There are 5 types of standard cottages in Nilgiri Resort. There are some tents too to stay for the guests. The staying cost in Nilgiri Resort is ranging from BDT 2500 to BDT 10000. Let’s know the room rates of Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban.

Meghdut Cottage
BDT 10000/per night
Akashlina Cottage
BDT 10000/per night
Marma Reesa-1 Cottage
BDT 8000/per night
Marma Reesa-2 Cottage
BDT 5000/per night
Nilangana-1 Cottage
BDT 5000/per night
Nilangana-2 Cottage
BDT 5000/per night

Room rates of Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban
Tehkho Reesa-1 Cottage
BDT 5000/per night
Tehkho Reesa-2 Cottage
BDT 5000/per night
2500/per night
There are 4 tents in Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban
Room rates of Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban
**It is being informed that maximum 2 persons allowed in each cottage or room at Nilgiri Resort.
**BDT 500 will be charged for keeping extra person.
**You should remember that all the tariffs are subject to change without notice. 
Visit Nilgiri and stay at any cottage or tent of Nilgiri resort. Live in the clouds and enjoy hilly natural views. Make a tour over Nilgiri hill at least once in life.

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