Nilgiri Hill Resort Address-Location-Contact Information

Nilgiri is one of mind-blowing tourist attractions in Bangladesh. If anybody wants to visit this outstanding spot, he or she should know the address, location and contact information Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban.

Address and Location of Nilgiri Hill Resort in Bandarban

Nilgliri Resort, Nilgiri Hill, Kapru Para
Chimbuk-Thanchi Road
Thanchi, Bandarban
The Nilgiri Hill Resort is situated 46 kilometers away from the Bandarban town. You can visit Nilgiri tourist spot through any kind of transport which goes to Thanchi. It may bus, micro, private car or chander Gari(one kind of jeep).  The resort is located on the way of Bandarban-Chimbuk-Thanchi road.
You can hire any kind of Thanchi-bound transport. There is a helipad over the hill of Nilgiri. You may also rent helicopter to arrive Nilgiri Resort. Foreigner need special permission from Bandarban DC office and the Bangladeshi people have to register their names and addresses at the checkpoint of Law enforcement agency.

Nilgiri Resort address-location and contact information
Address-location-contact information of Nilgiri Resort in Bandarban
Necessary Contact Information of Nilgiri Hill Resort in Bandarban
**If you want to book room of Nilgiri Resort, then you have to read the followings:
Headquarters of 69 Infantry Brigade
Bandarban Cantonment, Bandarban
Contact number: +88 01769 299999
**For arranging food and to get other admin facilities, please pay attention to below information:
Camp Commander
Nilgiri Hill Resort, Bandarban
Contact number: +88 01190 811322
**If you want to arrange any kind of picnic, then contact to this number:
+88 01769 299999
**If you are a foreigner, then please contact to the following number for Booking:
+88 01855 550088 
I hope that the above information will be very much helpful to visit beautiful Nilgiri Hill tourist spot in Bandarban.

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