Cottages of Nilgiri in Bandarban

Nilgiri Hill Resort tourist spot in Bandarban is enriched with some excellent cottages. The visitors must like these cottages. You will be lucky if you stay there.

Here is the list of all the cottages of Nilgiri in Bandarban:

1. Meghdut Cottage
2. Akashlina Cottage
3. Marma Reesa-1 Cottage
4. Marma Reesa-2 Cottage
5. Tehkho Reesa-1 Cottage
6. Tehkho Reesa-2 Cottage
7. Nilangana-1 Cottage
8. Nilangana-2 Cottage
Cottages of Nilgiri in Bandarban
Cottages of Nilgiri in Bandarban


Cottages of Nilgiri in Bandarban

Marma Reesa-1 is a duplex villa. It is famous for its unique structure. It is also known as Honeymoon Lodge to the guests of Nilgiri Resort. 

Tehkho Reesa-1 is also an unique structure of Nilgiri hill resort tourist spot. It is mainly made of bamboo. The tourists will like it very much.
Meghdut is fantastic cottage over the hill of Nilgiri. It will give your tour an aesthetic value.
Akashlina is perfect for ultimate relaxation. The tourists will enjoy this cottage very much.
Nilangana is nice cottage for enjoying natural hilly views. This is good travel accommodation. 

There is another accommodation facility in Nilgiri Resort. It is Tent. There are 4 tents in Nilgiri. The tourists can also stay here. 

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