Rent Helicopter from Meghna Aviation in Bangladesh

Meghna Aviation is one of the best helicopter service providers in Bangladesh. You will be able to get top-class private helicopter service here. Meghna Aviation Limited prefers passengers’ satisfaction.

You are welcome to hire helicopter with modern and first class domestic flight service in Bangladesh. If you want to hire a helicopter in Bangladesh, you can contact through mobile phone, email or fax. Please pay attention to below:

02 8901805
Meghna Aviation Limited Hangar Address:
General Aviation Area
Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport

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Rent a helicopter from Meghna Aviation in Bangladesh
Classification of helicopters which will be rented 
Meghna Aviation Limited uses two types of helicopter to give services in Bangladesh. These are:
Bell 407GX Helicopter
7 passengers capacity
246 kilometers speed per hour
611 kilometers maximum range
Robinson R66 Helicopter
5 passengers capacity
222 kilometers speed per hour

602 kilometers maximum range 

Helicopter rent rate from Meghna Aviation in Bangladesh
Helicopter rent price is based on hour. 
Bell 407GX: BDT 115000/Hour
Robinson R66: BDT 85000/Hour 

Waiting time fee on the ground is 10000/Hour. 
Minimum  chopper flight time is 30 minutes. 
Flying time is calculated on the basis of both ways of flight. 

All the flights will be run at daylight. Night is not allowed for flight.
Remember that the flight charge may be changed without prior notice.

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Cancellation system of helicopter flights in Bangladesh
If you cancel 36 hours before of flight, then you have to pay 50%
If you cancel the flight 24 hours before, then you need to pay 75%
For the cancellation before 12 hours, 100% money will be paid

Flights may be cancelled for bad weather or technical reason. All the amount of money will be returned to you in this regard. 

How to book helicopter flight from Meghna Aviation
It is not simple to organize a helicopter charter. The operation department of Meghna Aviation will ask you some questions such as destination of flight, date and time of flight, number of passengers etc. After hiring helicopter, the authority will arrange everything to make a successful flight on time.
Hire a helicopter from Meghna Aviation Limited and enjoy tour at sky. Make your travelling life easy, comfortable and fantastic.

Contact for Renting Helicopter
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R&R Aviation: +88 01730 433445
South Asian Airlines: 01711 404759
Bangla International Airlines: +88 01977 707722
Impress Aviation: +88 01711 356431
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Now, contact to them and rent helicopter.


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