Ratargul Swamp Forest in Sylhet – A Little Pantanal in Bangladesh

Ratargul Swamp Forest is an evergreen forest. It is one of the best freshwater swamp forests in this world. The beauty of this forest is bloomed mainly in the rainy season. Ratargul is the only swamp forest in Bangladesh conserved under Department of Forestry.

Location of Ratargul Swamp Forest
Ratargul is located in Gowainghat upazilla of Sylhet district. It is situated by the river named Goain. Ratargul Swamp Forest is also linked with Chengir Khal canal.
Characteristics of Ratargul
Most of the trees are Koroch tree whose scientific name is Pongamia Pinnata. The forest goes under water of 20-30 feet in rainy season. The water level is about 10 feet for rest of the year and some place of the forest remains dry. 
Ratargul Swamp Forest
How to go to Ratargul
At first you have to go to Sylhet city. Then go to Goainghat. After that go to Ratargul. So the route is simple (Sylhet-Goainghat-Ratargul). Hire a CNG auto-rickshaw from Ambarkhana point of Sylhet city for Goainghat Bazar. It will cost BDT 300-500 and take 2-3 hours. Then hire a motor boat from the Engine Nouka Ghat near the bazar. It will cost BDT 800-1000 and take 1-2 hours to reach Ratargul.
How to explore Ratargul
Monsoon is the best time for exploring Ratargul. The forest is flood in water in the month of July and August which is perfect for visiting.
You have to hire a boat for making tour inside Ratargul Swamp Forest. It will cost BDT 200-500 depending how long you need to explore the jungle.
It is better to take permission going to the forest station for visiting Ratargul. Request them to arrange a boat for your tour. They will help you to arrange a local wooden boat which is safe for 6-8 people though you can also hire boat personally.
Ratargul Forest
Mind-blowing beauty in Ratargul
After starting your tour inside Ratargul Swamp Forest by boat, you will be able to feel the natural attraction of this jungle. This is an extra-ordinary natural world. The more time you spend the more will you amazed. The tour will give you exceptional feeling. The trees, water, the boat and everything around will create an amazing environment. Nobody should miss this. Try to feel the beauty and pulse of Ratargul.
Food and accommodation facilities in Ratargul
The visitors have to take food from Goainghat Bazar. Collect food as you need. Now, there is no accommodation facility in Ratargul. You have to stay at Sylhet city. Making tour at Ratargul is a part of day trip. The Department of Forest is building rest house for the tourists. It will fulfill the demand of travel accommodation in future.
Ratargul forest in sylhet
Best way to come back from Ratargul
You can follow the same route for coming back. But there is another route for this. Return to Goainghat. Take a Jaflong bound CNG auto rickshaw. If you reserve, it will cost BDT 200 or BDT 20 for each passenger. Then get on a bus from Jaflong to Sylhet. The bus fare is only BDT 20. This route will save your cost and profitable for the tourists.
Caution in Ratargul
Avoid anything which can be cause of destruction of this swamp forest. Don’t throw anything. It is suggested visit Ratargul silently and come back silently. Bring back everything you have taken with you such as water bottle, plastic packet or other things. Keep Ratargul neat and clean. Remember that this is your natural wealth. Keep it perfectly alive for your future generation.
Mysterious Ratargul Swamp Forest is calling travelers. You will be proud of visiting such kind of tourist spot. It will be an outstanding experience for your whole life.