US World Cup Football Fans to Brazil

The USA has successfully qualified for world cup football-2014. So, the fans become ready to celebrate your team’s success in Brazil. Your team is in group G. you have to visit Recife, Manaus and Natal to support your team. Show your patriotism and enjoy travelling in Brazil.

USA football team will start its journey in world cup on 16th June-2014. The first match will be held against the team Ghana in the city named Natal. The stadium is Estadio das Dunas.
The USA will play its 2nd match against Portugal in Arena Amazonia stadium of Manaus city. The date is 22nd June-2014.
The 3rd match will be held in Arena Pernambuco stadium of Recife city against Germany on 26th June-2014.
If USA football team qualifies for next round, then fans should have to stay in Brazil for more days. You may need to go to make tour some other cities of Brazil for this.
US world cup football fans to Brazil
When you are in Brazil, you should make your tour more enjoyable and successful through visiting various tourist destinations and attractions.  You are going to support your team in 3 different cities of Brazil. Take the opportunity of visiting the tourist attractions of these cities during the period of the world cup.
When you are in Natal for supporting USA football team, try to enjoy some tourist attractions. Natal is famous for its natural beauty. You must watch the largest cashew tree in the world. You should know that Rampa and Parnamirim of Natal are US air bases run during the period of Second World War. Undoubtedly, the sea-beaches of Natal have huge appeal to the visitors. If possible try to visit Natal aquarium. Choose Parrachos de Maracajau for snorkelling and diving. Try to experience Dune Buggy vehicle for visiting beaches.
You will get the chance of visiting some excellent tourist attraction when you in Manaus to support USA football team. Amazon rainforest is a well-known tourist destination. Make Amazonas Opera House as a must-see destination during the leisure of world cup tour. Have you heard about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? This is a mixed martial art technique. It is the origin of Manaus. If possible, pay a few moments to gather direct knowledge on it. Panoramic view of Negro river from Rio Negro Bridge is very much enjoyable. The natural phenomenon of Negro, Solimoes and Amazonas rivers is very much attractive.
The final destination of group match for US football fans is Recife. It is recognized as Brazilian Venice. UNESCO World Heritage Site Olinda which is a historic city should be your first choice to visit in Recife. Porto de Galinhas is one of the best beaches of Brazil. The fans can also go to Santa Isabel Theater, Market of Saint Joseph or Casa da Cultura. The fans should be proactive in making the tour more successful. Invest your time to know Recife more besides watching world cup football matches of USA.

US football fans should be very much careful about some matters. Always try to avoid English and Argentine football fans. Don’t spend too much money on anything. Read my topic “Dos and don’ts while you are travelling”. Remember the schedule of all your football matches. Always you will have to make prepared yourself in advance to reach football stadium.

Take some advanced ideas on various things such as transportation, accommodation, shopping malls, restaurants, travel agencies, hospitals etc related to Brazil. Keep some more money to support your team if they qualify for rest of the world cup round. Follow my suggestions to reduce travel cost.
Final sentence:
Guys, are you ready to roar in Brazil to support your favourite USA football team?  

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