Top Tourist Attractions in Cuiaba of Brazil

Tourist attractions of Cuiaba are popular in Brazil. It is filled with natural, cultural, historical and architectural beauties. The travellers come to Cuiaba, visit and return with satisfaction. The tourists who like to make tour to Brazil should not miss the attractions of Cuiaba and its surroundings.

Cuiaba is recognized as the southern gate to the Amazon. There are some mind-blowing tourist attractions in Cuiaba. To learn about this, please read below:

Historic Centre
This spot was built over gold mines. It is featured with traditional architecture from the 18th century. This centre consists of many buildings with baroque and neo-gothic styles. This is a Brazilian historic heritage protected area which should not be missed by the travelers.
Top tourist attractions in Cuiaba of Brazil

El Pantanal
This is one of the largest wetlands of the world. Many rare species of animals and plants are seen here. It has got the recognition of UNESCO world heritage site for its important natural characteristics.  It is a precious reserve of the world.
Chapada dos Guimaraes and La Salgadeira
Chapada dos Guimaraes is a national park and La Salgadeira is a resort inside this park. The park is filled with natural attractions. You can see huge brownstone rock formations and many waterfalls. The resort is a fantastic spot which offers sports, restaurants and river bathing.
Churches and temples
The churches of Cuiaba represent unique past and beautiful architecture. These are bloomed with baroque and gothic style mainly. There are many attractive churches in Cuiaba. Have a look at some famous churches:
Metropolitan Cathedral
Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Saint Benedict’s Chapel
Church of “Nosso Senhor dos Passos”
Church of Our Lady of “Bom Despacho”
Assembleia de Deus
Coxipo de Ouro
This is the first church of Cuiaba. If you want to know the traditional rustic architecture of inner Brazil’s colonial period, Coxipo de Ouro is perfect for you. The region of this church is known as the birthplace of Cuiaba. The tourist must visit this attraction.
To know Brazil and Cuiaba deeply, you should visit the museums. It will tell you the history and display many things. Cuiaba has an impressive variety of museums. Have a look:
Museum of Sacred Art of Cuiabá
Museum Hill of the Box Of water
Museum of the Image and Sound of Cuiabá
Museum of Rio Cuiabá and Municipal Aquarius
Museum of the Education and Teatro Maria of Arruda Müller
Museu Couto Magalhães
Museum of the History of Mato Grosso
Memorial of Mato Grosso
Memorial of the Waters
Memorial Papa João Paulo II
Historical and Geographical institute of Mato Grosso and Museu Barão of Melgaço
Institute of the Historical and Environmental Patrimony National–Cuiabá
Cine Teatro of Cuiabá and Museum of the Movies
SESC/Arsenal and Museum of the Swampland
Artisan’s home
Palace of the Instruction
Cuiaba has got the nickname of “Green City”. It is because there are many green areas and reserves inside the city. Several parks are popular and attractive gathering spots for local and international people. All these parks are really beautiful and impressive. Here is a list of some parks of Cuiaba:
Parque Ze Bolo Flo
Parque Federal da UFMT e Zoologico Estadual
Horto Florestal de Cuiaba
Parque Municipal Lagoa Encantada
Parque Estadual Mao Bonifacia
Parque Massairo Okamura


Like any other cities of Brazil Cuiaba also celebrate carnival. But, it has its own off-season carnaval. It is known as Micarecuia. The tourist can enjoy this four-day period carnival attraction.
Some More tourist attractions
City Hall
“Sérgio Motta” bridge
Cuiabá river
Street Art
Pequi on the street markets
Painted buildings
Ipranga Square
Arena Pantanal Stadium
CPA’s Avenue
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There are many stunning examples of tourist attractions in Cuiaba. So, why are you late? Fulfil your excitement of visiting all those attractions. Get some unique and gorgeous Brazilian experiences through making tour to Cuiaba in Brazil. 

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