Brazil World Cup Travel Requirements and VISA Processing

Brazil is famous for football in this world. This country has earned the recognition of arranging FIFA World Cup Football-2014. This is the second time; Brazil got this opportunity in the history of world cup. A huge number of football lovers are ready to visit Brazil on this occasion. This is why the travellers should know travel requirements and VISA processing information.

Brazil VISA information during FIFA World Cup for International visitors

There are some countries with which Brazil maintains exemption agreements for tourist visas. International visitors will still need to obtain a visa for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The tourist visas for spectators of world cup football will be free. They may be requested documents to establish ties with FIFA events.
Place to get Brazil VISA
You will get visas are at Brazilian Consulates or the Consular Section of a Brazilian Embassy. International visitors must apply for a visa there prior to their tour. It is informed that visas will not be issued upon arrival in Brazil. 
Validity duration of Brazil VISA during FIFA World Cup
The Brazil visa will be used until the final day of the world cup football-2014. It is valid until 31st December of 2014. Remember that the visa allows for multiple entries into the country. The visitors may remain in Brazil for 90 days after the first entry. It is being informed that the period of stay is not extendable.
Documents to apply for Brazil VISA
International visitors will need to submit following documents to the Consulate or Consular Section of their respective Embassy:
>the duly filled visa application form,
>a valid passport and
>the game ticket or documentation related to the 2014 World Cup
Visit this link for visa form.

Brazil world cup travel requirements and VISA processing


Time-limit of issuing Brazil VISA
Visas for Brazil FIFA world cup football-2014 Brazil will be issued on a priority basis. Usually, it takes highest 10 business days to issue a visa.
Carrying medications
It is dependent on the health inspection. The travellers have to bring their relevant prescription to have sufficient supplies of medications. It is suggested that the tourists should have to travel with medications in their hand luggage.
Travel Insurance
You will be happy to know that it is not compulsory to have travel insurance for the travellers. This is optional for foreign visitors.
Documents for foreign visitors
Authorities will check non-Brazilian passengers for the following official documents:
1. Passport
2. Foreigner’s identity card – CIE (RNE) – in accordance with international agreements signed by Brazil
3. Other travel documents provided for in international agreements signed by Brazil.
Documentation confirming the application for a CIE issued by Brazil’s Federal Police Department may also be accepted temporarily for a maximum period of 180 days in the case of foreign visitors travelling domestically in Brazil.
Documents to buy Brazil currency
When a traveller needs to buy up to US$3,000, he needs only submitting the identification document they used to enter Brazil. The documents may be a passport or identity card. It is also applicable for the equivalent amount in other currencies. If they want to buy above US$3,000, travellers must express the purpose of purchasing.
Documents to buy mobile phone line in Brazil
Some form of identification is necessary to get a prepaid or postpaid plan. So, the travellers have to show their passport as identification. The tourists can buy mobile phone credits from different kinds of outlets. These may be points of sale managed by carriers, news-stands, supermarkets and lottery-shops.
Documents for foreign visitors to drive in Brazil
If you are a licensed motor vehicle driver and want to drive in Brazil, then you can do it with the following documents:
1. International Driving Permit (IDP)
Approved driving license from another country. It must be acceptable by the authority of Brazil.
2. Identification document.
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