Best Cuiaba Travel Guide

Cuiaba is one of the top attractive tourist destinations in Brazil. It is known as the southern gate to the Amazon. It is also famous for its cuisine, craftwork, dance and music. Cuiaba has earned an especial value to the tourists as it is one of the host cities of FIFA World Cup Football-2014. The tourists to Brazil should include Cuiaba as their top travel destination.

Transportation facilities in Cuiaba

Marechal Rondon Airport is an international airport of Cuiaba. It operates local and international flights. There are some airlines such as Varig, Gol, Vasp and TAM operate flights from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to Cuiaba.
The Cuiaba city is a hub of many major roads and waterways. It is connected to Inter-oceanic Highway and BR-364 Highway.
Cuiaba has also light rail which is connected with Varzea Grande in the metropolitan area and the international airport.

Best Cuiaba Travel Guide
What to see in Cuiaba
There are some important and splendid tourist attractions in Cuiaba. Here are some must-see tourist spots of Cuiaba:
Chapada dos Guimaraes
EI Pantanal
Historic Centre
Coxipo de Ouro
Palace of Instruction
Arena Pantanal Stadium
Church of “Nosso Senhor dos Passos” etc

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You can get the descriptive idea through reading my post “Top tourist attractions in Cuiaba” in this regard.
Where to stay in Cuiaba
There is enough accommodation facility in Cuiaba. There are many hotels, hostels, pousadas and vacation rental homes there. To know where to stay in Cuiaba, read the below posts of mine:
You will get effective knowledge of the facilities of Cuiaba visiting above links.
Where to eat in Cuiaba
After arranging accommodation, you need to know where to eat. There are many restaurants in Cuiaba. You can have Brazilian, Asian and European food. Get knowledge of the restaurants of Cuiaba from the posts given below:
The tourists can have breakfast at their accommodation.
Where to do shopping in Cuiaba
Staying at Cuiaba, you must have an eagerness to do shopping. You can visit shopping malls and various types of stores such as clothing, shoe, toy, perfume, jewellery etc. Go and buy anything you like. You may like the crafts of Cuiaba. Read my post on the “List of top shopping malls in Brazilian city Cuiaba”.  More:

Top-class shopping stores of Cuiaba
How to hire car in Cuiaba
Local and foreign car rental companies provide services in Cuiaba. Both cheap and costly car hire services are available there. You can hire luxurious and branded car for your tour. It will be better if you read my post on “Car rental services in Cuiaba”.
Tourist office
Secretaria da Tourismo is the tourist office of Cuiaba. You can get much free information on guides, lodging and tours here. You will find out this office on the main square Parca da Republica 131.
Cuiaba is one of the hottest cities in Brazil. It belongs to dry climate and tropical wet. Temperatures are often above 40°C (104°F). Temperatures in winter can arrive sporadically at 10°C (50°F). Rainfall is seen from September to May. The travellers should visit Cuiaba keeping this climatic information in mind.
Cuiaba belongs to a very rich culture. It is based on Amerindian, Portuguese and African cultures. The cuisine, native dances, craftwork and music of Cuiaba are greatly influenced by these cultures. The people love to enjoy and celebrate various traditional programs.
Cuiaba and its surroundings are a good place for travelling. Before starting a tour to Cuiaba, you should gather some knowledge on it. This post will help you to make your Cuiaba tour easy and comfortable. Cuiaba and its people are waiting to welcome you. I wish your successful travelling in Cuiaba.

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