Activities to Enjoy Travelling in Brazil

Brazil is the country of enjoyment and celebration. It is one of the best choices as travel destination for the tourists. There are many things to do in Brazil. These activities will help you to enjoy travelling in Brazil. Let’s make an peek at such kind of tour activities.

Beach Sports
Brazilian beaches are famous for beach sports. Beach volley, football, frescobol, futevolei are played and greatly enjoyed at various famous beaches of Brazil.
Bird Watching
In this world, Brazil is a paradise for bird watching. You can get this opportunity through various tour companies. Amazon, Pantanal, Foz do Iguaçu are the prime bird watching spots.
It is a stylized martial-art dance. Its rhythmic tempo and beat are done by singing and instruments. Capoeira is recognized as a national sport in Brazil.
It is a moveable feast which is tied to the religious calendar. Brazil has got the recognition of arranging best Carnaval in the world. It can be celebrated anywhere in Brazil.
Diving and Snorkeling
It is a unique opportunity to see coral reefs and humpback whales and hundreds of birds. Diving and snorkeling can be enjoyed along the extensive Brazilian coast as well as in lakes, caves and rivers. The Fernando de Noronha archipelago and Abrolhos Marine Park are famous for this.
Activities to enjoy travelling in Brazil
The tourists can enjoy all types of fishing in Brazil. The Amazon River basin and the Pantanal are great area for fishing. Rivers Araguaia, Paraná, São Francisco and Grande are welcoming huge visitors for fishing annually.
There are some amazing golf courses in Brazil. Buzios Golf Club, Vista Verde Golf Club, Damha Golf Club, Costa do Sauípe Golf Links, Terravista Golf Course, Aguativa Golf Resort, Bourbon Iguassu Golf Club are famous to the golf lovers.
Surfing and Kite-surfing
Brazil has such kind of coastline which is perfect for surfing. Fernando de Noronha is famous for hosting international competitions. Now, kite-surfing is also popular in Brazil.
Cruise trips
Brazil is fantastic country for cruise trips. Brazil’s shores are regularly busy with large cruise ships. The tourists can enjoy cruise trips in various areas such as Fortaleza, Recife and Salvador.
Outdoor markets are found throughout Brazil. You will see to sell from fruit and vegetables to clothes.  Beautiful handicrafts and even animals are sold there. These markets are good place for shopping and visiting.
It is a kind of dance music of Brazil. Three instruments named accordion, zabumba and triangle create its distinctive sound. This is also enjoyable for travelers.
The cuisine of Brazil is the mixture of African, Amerindian and Portuguese flavor.  Various sea food and traditional food are seen there. If you are in Brazil, then you should take the taste of these kinds of food.
Old Town Tour
There are some old towns in Brazil which are recognized as World Heritage Sites. These are must-see destinations for the tourists. You will get knowledge on Brazilian culture, history, tradition and development through such kind of visiting.
Experiencing nature
Brazil is a country of natural beauty. When you are in Brazil, you should have experience of visiting Discovery Coast Atlantic Forest Reserves, Cerrado Protected Areas, Atlantic Forest South East Reserves, Pantanal Conservation Area, Iguazu National Park and Central Amazon Conservation Complex.

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Hiking and Trekking
Brazil is good for hiking and trekking. There are so many options to do this. Many foreign visitors along with local nature lovers like to do it.
It is a popular activity. There are many sites of paragliding in Brazil. Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina are famous for paragliding sites.
Rock Climbing
The visitors can take the taste of rock climbing in Brazil. Bau Rock, Cuscuzeiro Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Serra dos Orgaos, Itatiaia, Marumbi, Serra do Lenheiro are the best places for rock climbing.
Festa Junina
It is the annual celebration that takes place in the beginning of Brazilian winter. It is celebrated during the month of June nationwide. The tourist can enjoy this festival.
White-water Rafting
You can participate or you can watch white water rafting in Brazil. The tourist will enjoy this adventure very much.
If you are going to make tour to Brazil, then remember above activities to enjoy travelling. Brazil is fantastic place for enjoying tour. 

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